The trolls are hoping to win back their home

The trolls accepted Thrall’s offer, and Vol’jin eventually led his tribe to the vibrant jungles of the Echo Isles located just off the rugged coastline of Durotar. Skilled Dark spear riders have even been known to channel their raptors’ savagery to suit their will. In Sen’jin’s honor, Thrall welcomed the Dark spears into the Horde and offered them sanctuary in a new kingdom that he planned to create across theGreatSea. Possession of these predators is also one of the most auspicious signs of status among trolls; many have died trying to subdue these swift and deadly raptors, and to control one indicates great station. Not long after they settled on their new home, the Dark spears suffered a terrible betrayal from within.

Driven to insanity by the dark powers under his control, the witch doctor Zalazane began enslaving his fellow tribes people and amassing an army of mindless trolls. For a time, Vol’jin and other uncorrupted Dark spears fled to Durotar’s coast and established Sen’jin Village. From this crude settlement, the trolls struck at Zalazane’s forces, hoping to win back their home at any cost. The Dark spears’ efforts, however, failed to drive Zalazane from the Echo Isles. Start Location: Echo Isles: The Echo Isles are a small cluster of tropical landmasses located near the arid coast ofDurotar. In addition to being the home of the Dark spear trolls, the archipelago teems with raptors, tigers, and other dangerous predators.

Yet the hostile wildlife is the least of the tribe’s worries. Although the Dark spears have liberated the Echo Isles from Zalazane, a mysterious sea witch has recently appeared and begun using her dark sorcery to destroy the trolls’ way of life. Additionally, naga have overtaken territory just north of Dark spear Isle, the seat of power for the tribe and its leader, Vol’jin. Our store has WOW Gold in large stock available in US and EU servers. We guarantee that there are neither cheats nor your account would get banned. Therefore, it is fully wholly safe to buy wow gold and any item from us. You can complete order by online payments.