How To Use the Target Passing Mechanic In Madden 18

Madden 18 will have arcade, athletic and simulated game styles and offers unique features. If their functions are being described, then each virtual soccer fan should have something.


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• Close the target pass: Press LT / L2 again to turn off the target passer.

• Moving target: Use LS to move the target. When your target changes, QB will turn to face the target.

• Raise your goal: After shooting, press and hold LT / L2 and your target will be your primary receiver.

• Throw to the receiver: Press the displayed receiver icon button. Use the same throwing mechanics to carry the ball, touch and bullets.

• Target receiver switch: When you press and hold LT / L2, press the receiver button other than the current target receiver and the target will switch to the receiver.

• Neutral Target Pass: If you release LT / L2, it becomes a neutral target pass. This allows you to press the desired receiver button and throw it immediately without having to switch the target and then throw it.

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