WOW Druid and New Stag Travel Form

New Glyph of the Stag
This new glyph will change the appearance of the Druid’s travel form. Instead of the outdated Cheetah model, Druids will now become a beautiful Stag that can carry party members. Much like the popular two seater mounts, this glyph will let players without increased movement speed ride the Druid if they are in a place where you cannot mount up. It is about time Blizzard came out with a new Travel Form as the old model was very polygonal and looked out of place among the new animal form models. Farming is made much easier if you level a Druid. All Druids shouls use their benefits to their advantage and check out WoW Mimic.

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The Druid is arguably the most versatile class in the game as it is the only with four specializations. Each of these specs performs a different class role as well so there is endless fun available for the Druid. With Flight Form and all kinds of other tools, the Druid is also the easiest class to farm with as one doesn’t have to keep mounting and dismounting to gather things from the world.