World of Warcraft Simulation Craft results

Sparkuggz posted the simulation results of all the trinkets ever for each spec. While you can read the various iterations of each trinket in DPS order, I find the long list not very helpful in the end because it’s hard to see the relative trinket order in all the names. Obviously, a heroic piece beats a normal Warforged piece simply because of item level, and if you really want to split hairs over which iteration of one trinket beats which iteration of another trinket, you are free to look that up. But what is the general order of things?

I rewrote Sparkuggz’s simulation list in colored bars (bigger version here) where each color represents a different patch 5.4 trinket. Purple is the color I used for any older patch trinket, and I wrote the name of the specific trinket beside the purple bar. Some of the old tier 15 trinkets are still good, though most of the ones listed there are heroic or heroic Thunderforged. I only went halfway down the list because after a while it starts to look all purple as we head into the rest of the expansion’s trinkets.

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The biggest problem with each of the four raid trinkets is that they all proc off “attacks,” which are casts for us. This works out fine with a nuke-style spec like destruction, but it doesn’t fair as well with DoT-style specs like affliction, since attack-based procs ignore DoT ticks. (DoT ticks will proc things when the phrase “periodic damage” crops up in the trinket proc wording.) Pets also tend to not proc attack-based trinket wordings; it’s only your own casts that do it.