WOW Mists of Pandaria Final Lore

I was thinking about making one more post on the lore of Warcraft in which I would share a few of the remaining cutscenes and some of my opinions on the ending and wrapping up for Mists of Pandaria and off course the possible beginning for the next expansion, which might just come out sooner than we think. This here is that post, so treat it with respect! It’s main focus will be those moments when, despite of the ongoing war, the horde and alliance stood together, starting from the “wall is lost” cinematic up until the ending to “the siege of orgrimmar”.

One of the best moments in the MoP expansion story progressions are the parts that involve the pandarens off course who through their mere presence these manage to inspire both allies and hordies to lay down their weapons for just a bit and enjoy a little R&R from PVP action and focus on fighting monsters, together. This gig with the wall was no difference and Chen plays his part just perfectly here.

Yet another excellent moment of laying down the wrath and smoking the pipe of peace is the quest where Jaina talks to Anduin about the aftermath of the Theramore attack, Wow Power leveling when she basically wanted to erase the horde from the annals of history, but then Kalecgos talked her out of it (not entirely it seems as we’ve seen in the ending to the orgrimmar siege, but let’s leave that for later). Not to even mention the nice retro preview of Dalaran that brings back good memories from the WotLK days.