D3 Uber Boss Battles Maghda

Maghda’s swarm of black flies, which she vomits towards players, is very powerful and can one or two-shot many players. You must take care to avoid being hit by these. Not only can they kill you, they can interrupt your resurrection of an downed player in a very nasty way, and can do so from a distance.

The Skeleton King’s “slow walk” is a little glitchy for some people, but one thing is consistent for everyone: it hurts.  Watch out for his teleport. When he does teleport, he will sometimes appear to walk very slowly immediately after. Some people see an attack here, whereas some report that he only appears to be walking slowly. In any case, when this is occurring, you’d be well-served to avoid being within his melee range unless you are rather sturdy and can take a big hit. Even if you can take a wallop and survive, be mindful of the “adds.”

The “adds,” which some refer to as minions or horde, are regular soldiers that both bosses spawn, exactly as they did in their respective events in the story line. Maghda’s adds only spawn when she is shielded    I’ve not yet determined what exactly causes the Skeleton King to spawn his, but the point is that they can combine with the bosses’ powerful attacks to make this fight harder than it needs to be if you are not quick on your feet. You need to recognize when you are about to be swarmed and avoid allowing that to happen at or near the same time that you are hit by a boss’ main attack. Similarly, the adds can greatly complicate the process of resurrecting fallen enemies.

Don’t allow yourself to be “scissored” between the two bosses.  This theme runs through all of the boss fights.  In this case it’s due to the fact that arcane beams  + black flies + massive melee attack + random adds = bad.