D3 Monk vs Witch Doctor Guide

Comparing to PvE, more and more players now would love to challenge PvP encountering different, random players rather than stupid monsters in order to experience different feelings and fighting. As we know, lot of players think Monk is the strongest character in PvP with fast movement speed, high DPS and Sevensided Strike. Yet, in the patch 1.0.8, Witch Doctor has increased the Firebats, and has become a considerable threat for Monk! Today, we would love to share you tips for monk to defeat witch doctor in PvP! Wish you have fun in PvP, if you need gold to gear up your character, cheapest diablo 3 gold is offered on cheapdiablo!
Tips for Monk When Encountering Witch Doctor in PvP!

Life Blood and Life recovery: We know Monk gets many skills to reduce the damage and heal the allies, yet Monk yet less skill to recover life blood. Besides the Breath of Heaven, we should also concern the life on hits and attribute of vitality. It’s undoubted that Life health if very important in PvP, yet on the other hand, you can’t just blindly increase life blood.

Offensive and Attack: Offensive and Attack are also very important features for Monk to fight against Witch Doctor in PvP. When encountering different Witch Doctor, you should choose different weapon for a combat. Use serenity in the emergency when you’re controlled by the Hex. Also, no matter you are a 2-hand Monk or the Dual wield Monk, always remember to socket green gem in your weapon. Increase your critical hit damage to enhance your DPS.
Tips for Monk Skill Build in PvP

Tempest Rush: The Tempest Rush will reduce the enemy’s movement speed, and will also increase your movement speed by 25%.

Seven-sided Strike: The Seven-sided Strike gets super fast attack leaving the Witch Doctor unable to fight back!

Wave of Light: The Wave of Light is an excellent skill for Monk with highly explosive and high DPS.

Passive Skill – Near death experience: The Near death experience is a most primary skill to save your life in emergency. It gets 35% maximum life and 35% spirit regenerated!

The above are our tips for Monk when encountering Witch Doctor in PvP, just have a check and have fun in PvP! Whenever you need any additional gold for PvP, buy diablo iii gold on cheapdiablo! Cheapest price with fast delivery is guaranteed!

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