Diablo 3 Three Economical and Substantial Gears for Monk

Choosing a set of suitable equipments or gears is the common pursuit for wide Diablo

3 players. A nice set item can not only make you look very cool but also bring you a

lot of power. However, the cost of gear usually plays a critical role when players

choose their equipments. This time, we’ll talk about the economical and substantial

set item for the Monk.
As we all know that Monk is called the sacred warrior, which controls everything by

his pure willpower. The Monk who is bald and full beard looks like totally different

from any other four careers which are armed with heavy equipments. His attack usually

focuses on hand to hand combat. Both the active skills and the passive skills tend to

the defense. Consequently, all the items for the Monk should make for the defense


Vile Ward which is welcomed by 60 Level players is a powerful gear for the Monk’s

shoulder. This gear carries strong defense attribute. It carries 71 to 80 Resistance

to All Elements and 241 to 265 Armor. Melee attackers take about 1713 to 2544 damage

per hit once they use this gear.

Andariel’s Visagen, a helmet which looks very ugly, is very valuable to the Monk’s

head. Since the defense ability is the most distinct feature for the Monk, he would

have high requirements on dexterity, defense, speed and attack. Andariel’s Visagen

carries all the capabilities mentioned above. The Critical Hit Chance will be

increased by 4.5% and his attack speed would be increased by 8-9%.

Skull Grasp, the most welcomed ring for many careers in D3, is a little more

expensive than many gears. It can increase the attack speed. For the Monk, matching

the appropriate skills with this gear would produce a wonderful effect. When Skull

Grasp is used with the Cripplign Wave, Exploding Palm and Sweeping Wind, all the

damage would be increased by 5% to 11%.

In all, all the gears I mentioned above are cheap enough for most players to

purchase. I spent less than five billion gold on buying those gears. Finding suitable

gears is a very critical factor to make you become stronger in the game.