Diablo 3 The Most Important Productive Skills for Barbarian

The recent Diablo 3 patch 1.0.8 which was warmly welcomed by most players’ praise has

also caused a stir. Not only the difficulty of the game has been improved but also

the content form of the game has been altered. This time, we’ll talk about the most

important skill for Barbarian in patch 1.0.8.

The Barbarian is noted for its giant body figure which helps it focus on the melee

attack. The weapons it uses are usually very heavy and huge. Barbarian could rule the

roost by controlling the distance with enemies and those huge weapons. The fast armor

waving speed helps him weaken the enemies’ endurance instantaneously. His temblor

attack is also strong enough to shock the powerful enemies’ armors. Consequently,

strength is his first choice on the matter of primary attribute.

Hammer of the Ancients is the most typical skill by using the huge weapon. This skill

would only be expressed within the help of the massive hammer. About 325% weapon

damage would be caused to smash enemies directly in front of you. It can also strike

a smaller area for 406% weapon damage on enemies when the Barbarian combines the

Hammer of the Ancients with its rune Smash. Moreover, the Critical Hit would also be

improved by the rest Fury within the help of Stone of Jordan and the Immortal Belt.

Whirlwind is also another skill to cause great weapon damage on enemies. 145% weapon

damage would be caused while delivering multiple attacks to everything in your path.

Aside from the offensive skills mentioned above, Barbarian also carries great

defensive ability, Sprint. Its movement speed would be increased by 40% by using 3

seconds. Several tornadoes would be rages and each one could inflict 60% weapon

damage as physical for 3 seconds for nearby enemies.

Overpower is another skill relying on the might. 165% weapon damage would be dealt to

all targets within 9 yards. Your Critical Hit Chance would be increased by 10% within

6 seconds once you use the Killing Spree at the same time. More over, 35% of incoming

melee and ranged damage will be redirected in 4 seconds after Overpower is activated

by using the Crushing Advances.

Rend and its Skill Runes are often welcomed by wide players very much. A sweeping

strike causes all nearby enemies to bleed for 700% weapon damage as physical in 5

seconds. The Lacerate, one of Rend’s rune skills, would increase to 903% weapon

damage as physical over 5 seconds. The Bloodbath, another rune of Rend, would bleed

for 100% weapon damages as physical over five seconds through killing enemies.

To sum up, all the five skills mentioned above carry strong weapon damage. Each of

them plays a critical role for killing enemies in the fighting. Which one do you

think is the most important skill for Barbarian? Coming to share with us by making a

selection below.