Because single game early has been rolling, so for a single game analysis is omitted.

Double game: “strange, almost all blame” is a yellow word died; Elite, with cluster arrow in the penultimate rune and almost didn’t feel out of single and double difference, as long as the location of the throw good enough, basic round Diablo 3 Gold elite will fall. Three people game: “strange, one to two yellow word death, then can already feel the Farm efficiency become low, but there were no serious problems. Elite:, three game of cluster arrow into the shadow beast air raid. Because of fears that the clear small blame the hate finished in elite was kind of embarrassing that feel three games of the elite has obvious resistance to play. If it is a single game elite belong to meet death, double belong to a round of words, three elite can and the original poster alongside a.

Four people game: “strange, one to three yellow word death. But because the rate of blasting, each need more the yellow word means that need more play more than once, so efficiency significantly, there are times when, in the face of high DPS strange has need to kite. Elite, only blood very soft elite (scorpions, witch doctor and so on) position very good situation to do a beast shadow air raid death. Other all need to move, especially run speed fast. Now feel strange AI are very high, all kinds of dodge run road, so to play and it was very vexed.

Conclusion: the building Lord belong to bare commandments of hunting magic, precepts only 30. In order to use the commandment penult rune later can guarantee within 15 seconds discipline not sorrow, in four games of the elite warfare and almost did not meet the lack of discipline, although sometimes may be more than 15 seconds, but elite and almost half left or disability. So, in the test, the building Lord think 230000 panel as long as it is good collocation not pure Diablo 3 Items panel control words, have fully covered. Even if 15 seconds or 30 seconds even 45 seconds to play the undead elite what? Hunting magic man was a dead ground rice mill career, before land clearing who not with the kite all kinds of elite make dead.

About 1.0.5 HP bonus now don’t know how. But just four games health perspective, innocent word blame such panel is enough. Although 4 and 1 person have obvious difference, but actually also fib. As for the elite has enough.

About resistance and blood volume in the current monster damage, as long as the DPS enough, such resistance and blood has completely last, both single-player or four games. Because of such D3 Gold blood resistance can already let you and strange move a long time not kneel, so is a kite (if necessary), almost can grind to the next wings good discipline.

Specific circumstances: in addition to knife ye and a handful of damage higher blame beyond, most of the blame including elite caused by damage in the open under the condition of the wings are negligible, almost see off the blood. In the absence of the wings, can probably D3 Items javelin soldier resistance under 5 around (no specific tried, but visual should almost), resistance to fat mage fireball once seemed to have been seconds, don’t remember.