Guild Wars 2, In that respects it’s going to be a great game!

In that respects it’s going to be a great game!

But like many computer gaming company’s, they also fell victim to the “Oh look at this amazing technology on the market. Let’s build a game using all the latest visual graphics and computer programming technologyConsider Guild Wars one big giant Beta, that’s been played by 3million+ players world wide. Now take a team that brought you Guild Wars, learning from what players wanted, and all they intended, and all the mistakes they know they made and wish to make them better.

And you’ll get Guild Wars 2. Basically the Alpha model, of everything the players ever wanted, and all the things Anet learned from the original, and what they truelly intended.My computer can’t even run Civilazation 5, or Sims 3. Why will Anet believe that my computer will be able to run Guild Wars 2, using the “Latest technology….” It won’t. And many other computer systems won’t either. For better or worse many players will be forced to upgrade or hack out new computer systems just to even keep up with those that have monster rocking systems. In that playbook, they’ll be missing out at probably a million players worth of sales. $59.99 for the game….then anywhere between $500-$2,000 dollars in equipment just to play it. Even I saw the visual graphics at E3 and the computer they used to play it…we’re not talking about every day run of the mill equipment. We’re talking about “Reckomended System” material for the best results to play the game.