WOW Direbrew Time

You’ll need to use the dungeon finder to find a group for him. After the group is found you’ll be teleported directly to the encounter.

Ah, alright. So you want some ilvl 200 trinkets eh? Well you’ve come to the right place. Grab the quest “Save Brewfest!” and head to BRD. Turn it in to get “Insult Coren Direbrew”. This is the daily quest to spawn Coren (but the subsequent quest is a onetime only thing). Wow Gold The fight is simple. He does about the usual boss damage, can disarm, is tauntable, and can summon adds. He’s got about 300k health, so he’s easy to take down.

So take down the adds and focus on him. You’ll get some booze thrown your way, drink it up or you’ll get knocked down. He drops an assortment of cool items. All of the Molten Front (2011) equivalent trinkets drop (which is great, you don’t have to waste 40 newer badges on em). He also drops two 510 (2011) Stamina trinkets, one summons a healer and another drops an attacker. Then there are two rare mounts and a remote that can give your party a ride to Grim Guzzler.

If you’ve yet to do it, he also drops a “Direbrew’s Dire Brew” that gives 40 tokens if you turn it in. The first time each day you’ll receive the treasure filled keg that gives you a chance at a few rare items in addition to 2 Frost Badges. In 2010 the trinkets were not upgraded past ilvl 200.

Great Brewfest Kodo: Rare mount drop, available to both factions, is located within the treasure filled keg (at a random chance to get it).
Swift Brewfest Ram: Rare mount drop, available to both factions, is located within the treasure filled keg (at a random chance to get it).
Bitter Balebrew Charm: 170 stamina trinket, summons the Black Brewmaiden who does damage to your target on use.
Bubbling Brightbrew Charm: 170 stamina trinket, on use summons the Brewmaiden who heals your party.
40 badge trinkets (84 critical strike rating/spells have a chance to add 590 spell power for 10 sec, 98 spell power, chance your heals add 505 haste rating for 10 sec/84 critical strike, chance on melee to add 1000 attack power for 10 sec/84 dodge rating, on use adds 335 dodge rating for 20 seconds)
Direbrew’s Shanker 2.0: One-handed 2.00 speed dagger that does 143.2 DPS, 38 agility, 38 stamina, 51 attack power, 27 critical strike, 22 hit rating
Direbrew’s Remote: Summons a mole machine to teleport your party to the grim guzzler.

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