When we played in the copy

Unconsciously, world of warcraft has celebrated its seventh year. In the seven years, warcraft has experienced too much, also changed a lot. At once, the world of warcraft expansion in the fourth – “the mystery of panda who is also coming. Often to the version change, we will review past, miss the former youth. And each version is the most let a person attention things, is often associated with main story of a copy of the team.
Copy is first introduced to the domestic a blizzard game mode (everquest at home is really “hole”), when we face a fresh experience notting have is not careful, from a molten core, a nest with black wings, Ann is the temple to the naxx, we know what is teamwork, met in the game more profound friendship. Thanks to world of warcraft has given us unprecedented experience as slogan – do you have never done before! Copy of diversity, world of warcraft series of tasks line plot, task almost the last point will lead you to looking for a copy. Wow can hold its own copy of each of the story, you know their scene? Now aftertaste next year and just follow us ~ friends fight in wars 

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