The goal of Diablo 3 cash auction house is make transactions more secure

By cash trading Diablo 3 Gold, technically we are not forced to use any auction house, but we are forced by the instability in the exchange rate between the two currencies to more efficient trading. In order to participate in market activities, we must choose to participate in what kind of auction house, and how you can buy low and sell high. So that we are indirectly forced to use one or two should be used, unless we are willing to gamble the risk of pressure, and will not be 100% will give us the price is higher than the best merchandise.

In fact, cash auction house improvement is very satisfied. Give the player a can cash in a safe and reliable platform trading is the freedom to players. Personally, I probably will not use, but I know that is certainly a large number of players like. Of course, I hope that those who want to use the cash auction house system can be completely isolated, without the need for intervention and interference of too many of our world.

If the Diablo 3 Gold trading that label can be removed, and will be able to solve everything. Select one of the two auction houses, there is no internal market associated players have more liberties more useful to the stability of the market economy, so that the benefits of many more potential revenue but also to the Blizzard.

The startup cash auction house, the reason is not because we want to force players to use, but to give you a safe, insurance, Blizzard support to use the cash to buy Diablo God game equipment. Adverse impact or any reason you feel that this experience will be on your game, you can choose not to. In my opinion whether it is the players who choose to use or choose not to use isolation are unwise to rely on, this will reduce the player base and lead to other problems. For example, your friends want to use cash auction house, but you do not want to use, it is not that they can not play with it.

The goal of the game is to allow players to have the best and most enjoyable experience in the course of the game. Therefore, we will not remove the cash auction house, so players free game. Diablo series the most important aspect is to collect the most top-level equipment. In the past, a lot of Diablo players will use some special and exceptionally dangerous cash transactions to purchase equipment or Diablo 3 Gold, such as cash transactions through a third-party organization. 

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