The food strike also beats the undead

A person should have aspiration, while it doesn’t mean endless aspire it, otherwise he will lose his humanity in the endless pursue. Sometimes, love lieks an evil, which can make people lose their minds. It is normal sad when we lose love, while it doesn’t revenge the society or corrupt yourself. Don’t like Illian, just because of the refusal of Tyrande, so he joined burning military.

The group’s name doesn’t decide whether the group is good,but whether the members in the group are united, having firmly faith and eternal spirit. Everyone has their own ambition, life and values. As a team, there are DPS T, healing, as some people like land clearing, some people like to make money, some people like to take small, some people like to do the task, some people like to do as deputy. Don’t use your outlook on life and values to evaluate others. Just do your own work. Though the society is more and more physical, but we can’t lose the real side in the process of chasing those surface things. We just live for ourselves, not cater to others. Don’t think too much about other people’s evalution to you. No matter how fool of others, you must keep clear mind. Never looking down upon those players who have lower level, GS and less achievement than you, as everyone grows up from nothing. The growing process is very hurtful, so please remember it and give more help to other people. A person could have no level, no GS and achievement, but must have their own ideals, firmly faith and spirit. Our value embodies in the process of striving.

A lot of people asked me why I always fight for alliance and kindom so hard. Alliance is the symbol of righteous. A kingdom’s honor is also every member’s honor. Every member in the alliance has duty to protect righteous, truth and homes. I was also asked why I like knight. His soul is very noble and can’t be stained by any dirty things. He could rescue his teammates. As for why I am “addicted” into wow, I just want to say it was curiosity and for friends at first. But now, because wow has shocked my soul.

1. Control skills can’t trigger point network, and sharp net’s trigger damage can be dodged.
2. pepole don’t often go to a snowman brushing point at the southwest wall of shadow temple. The coordinate is 30 56.
3. Deep freeze can ignore the small animals’ frozen.
4. Lift-off can beat lift-off, burrow can beat diving drill, diving also can beat to diving drill. The difference is the height.
5. Venom spume initial damage is beast, but the continue hurt is elements. Only seeing skills increase or decrease statement and little green arrow, it is too bad beating on little animals’ bodies.
6. your standing location depends on whether you can enter into wild battle, not relates to green claw’s location.
7. Pet’s renaming accomplishes the communication across the camps.
8. Mr Than lattice voss has animation. The picture is DK’s talent cold winter.
9. spring rabbit doesn’t have animaton, but his head portrait is cuter than other rabbits and the color can’t be changed. The speed is very excellent and also can’t be sold.
10. Starting the advantages of “life value lower” refers to have lower life than opposite sides. The decision time is the first time after the hit damage.

11. Continuous damage also triggers point network damage, but lightning additional damage isn’t triggered.
12. even you are immobilized, you also can pretend to death and exchange pet.
13. The recovery fog lasted for 5 rounds befirem but it was only skill and wasn’t actual effect.
14. Don’t think that rocket chicken scream (25%) + special armor (+ 50%) can achieve 75% free of injury. In fact it is 62.5%. Also because of only 325 not only high speed and special armor have CD, he is better than the rabbit brittle, rocket chicken death or suicide, is obviously mechanical but burst into a pile of feathers, non-combat time suicide not found card seller described “rocket chicken died of suicide” combat record.

15. The food strike also beats the undead BUFF CanXie pet (though living in flight before the speed of pet no presence) but can kill magic passive pet (unless the hundreds of thousands of blood)
16. doing daily task, don’t forget those trainers who also give more experience than wild. If you are pass by, also can’t take the low level pet.
17.thin snowman can brush at the enterance of dave and well, but also inside of the cave. 

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