The five classes in the Diablo 3

The Witch Doctor is a new class. They can summon undead monsters, but without the need of dead bodies unlike the Necromancer. They appear to be a mixture of the Necromancer, the Druid and an alchemist, with some skills also reminiscent of the Warlock from World of Warcraft, such as Terrify and Mass Confusion. While these are old Necromancer skills, they are much more potent now. Witch Doctors use Mana as their primary source for magic. To create a viable leveling build, there are two things that you should focus on – AoE abilities and crowd control. The reason why you would want to focus on these factors is because of the experience bonuses that you can trigger by killing multiple enemies at once.

The Wizard is the run-of-the-mill magic user in Diablo 3 combining the brilliance of the Sorceress and the cunning and stealth of the Assassin. Only the female Champion was playable in Blizzcon, the male Wizard’s game play was revealed a few days later. Champion had stated that fans will “hate” one of the new classes for the game, courtesy of it resembling a former one. But, seeing the attitude of the new Champion compared to its brooding predecessors and the powerful skills it wields, fans have taken a certain liking for the Wizard. Wizards use Arcane Power as their source for magic. The monsters shown thus far through the first game play trailer include: Beast, Dark Berserker, Dark Demon, Walking Corpse, Crawling Torso, Dark Vessel, Activated Vessel, Ghoul, Ghostly Orbs, Grotesque, Lamprey, Moon Clan Warrior, Moon Clan Shaman, Skeleton Archer, Scavenger, Skeleton, Skeletal Shieldman, Skeletal Summoner, Wretched Dead, Wraith, Wood Wraith, and Zombie.

Two unique monsters were shown as well, Thousand Pounder and Siegebreaker Assault Beast. A third super unique monster, possibly an Act boss, the Mistress of Pain was revealed a few days later only as concept artwork. Then in the 2008 Blizzcon, a new boss called the Skeleton King was introduced. Just enjoy the changes bring to us, I think Blizzard will bring us more exciting experience in game. If any diablo 3 player need Diablo 3 gold, please come to our site, We will prepare enough safe Diablo 3 gold for our dear customers. 

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