The downstate in PvP

In my eyes the DS-Mode is a replacement for the rezzseal from GW1. There are some hard differences between them though: in gw1 players couldn’t fight while they were ‘dead’, they couldn’t razz themselves via a kill, their pets couldn’t razz them, razz seal actually took a slot in the build, which significantly reduced the strength of your character, Those points show how buffed razzing in gw2 gold is compared to gw1.
Let’s look at this from a mechanical perspective. Is the DSM improving PvP? In my eyes the DSM delays the general ‘flow’ and smoothness of combat. It slows down and can be really annoying at some point. Of course the DS takes away some frustration for learning players but look at it from an objective perspective. Is it needed? Not even talking about the last phase of the DSM -> the kill is awkward to look at and takes like 1.5 seconds. It’s like implanting some sort of mini game to land a kill.
You can clearly see the flaws of the DSM if you turn things around. Imagine DSM wasn’t implanted in the game and some random guy like was making a thread in this forum arguing bout implanting such system. I highly doubt any of you would like this idea.

It really like the idea of having a DSM in PvE since it’s as I already said takes away some aspects of the death frustration and senseless wipes. Also I think the whole DSM thing somewhat leads to a reduced entertainment, especially just can’t imagine commentators shouting and getting excited about players hitting others in DSM and getting razed or killed in clear situations via a 1.5sec animation but yea whatever. So know there’s a hell a lot discussions going on in this forums about Conquest and if its actually the best choice for GW2′s PvP. Personally I don’t know any modern Sport with a successful conquest system. Actually the only game that has a working Conquest system is Battlefield and this if for the reason that it is more of a war-game than anything microstructure. 

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