The diablo 3 Summary monster strength

Yesterday, there was some blue stickers, although it is nothing too important point of information, but also wish to take a look at. Take a look at some of the views of the community managers, as well as the description of the details of the game, as well as diablo 3 gold trends.

the diablo 3 blue stickers overview: monster strength / skills

So, some of the time for the community manager may wish to tolerance, they always service groups for the players in the first-line, they need a significant change in the game at any time or hot issues waiting forums and exchange. This point is like us. While this can not be 100% of the problems to be satisfied with the answer, but are trying to perfect every detail. “Overall, under the MP1 purgatory difficulty there will be some not quite the same, because all monsters from the start is 63 for some players, MP1 may also be more than they expected to be harder and more.”

Both the PTR test, or forum discussions, the players are trying to find a maximum efficiency of MF mode. Obvious benefits of the monster strength, additional drop / higher item level / more experience / higher MF ceiling, but the difficulty is also evident, greatly enhance the difficulty of the game, monster blood / injury into fold increase. As normal players, not ordinary difficulty purgatory A3 will be more safe and effective? Welcome to participate in the voting:

The zombie bear balance issues: Zombie Bear does not like dual cyclone barbarians as super strong of God. Adjustment of zombie bears enough to affect our redesigned monster strength for this skill. Group not enough to let the the zombie bear the witch doctors players can absolutely rolled other programs in other occupations!

About the followers automatically attack the question: I just talked to and one of our developers, he confirmed that the skills summon static “pet” – such as bull fiery serpents, hunting magic Methodist whistle Fort – will not be affected This change impact. These things will continue as usual to attack the enemy. This change is only effective followers, the task NPC motorized pets such as Colossus, zombie dogs and hunting magic people fighting pet. 

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