The comparison of Diablo 3 Items system with Diablo 2

So if you get a rare hands ax, you need this ax that came before suffix for the physical type of attack, and will not appear such as the increase casting speed by such attributes, this possibility is already very low, because there are many possible attributes , and the needs of the equipment with a variety of attributes exactly obtained may be very low. Since this is a weapon, it must also be increase attributes of injury. Finally, you have to equip the values as much as possible. These are the Diablo 2 best chance is very low.

Diablo 3 is completely different, no matter what kind of job he has a more balanced, useful before suffix.In fact, before the recent modify attribute points out, each prefix and suffix are more or less of each occupation. And Diablo 3 Items does not have too many restrictions, each career basically all types of equipment can be used, shaman could get double-hand sword. Armor equipment requirements, all these stifle the possibility of Diablo 2 low may appear Need. This means that when you get a rare items, all properties are useful, the difference is just that: the level of incidental attribute values?.

The meaning behind this is Diablo 3 Items is no longer like Diablo 2 the highlight best, we see a lot of equipment in Diablo 3 can also 0.0001% chance to drop rare and unique equipment great 1% off fall better chance, 99% chance is garbage. 

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