The Impact Of The New NBA 2K20 Features On The Game

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On Monday, 2K released its most important pre-release NBA 2K20 blog. It’s the one that focuses on gameplay. Let’s break down the new additions and examine how it will impact gameplay in every mode.

Motion Engine Upgrade

Foot planting is a really big deal in sports video games, and it is especially important in a basketball title. 2K has deployed an entire motion team to master their new technology. This year’s system features momentum modeling and motion styles. Bigs are supposed to feel different than quick, more explosive players. This change, if it is as advertised, could be the single most important new feature in the game.

Reducing the amount of sprint spamming is a great concept. We’ll see how this and the other changes are manifested in the gameplay. This improvement is obviously one that will be felt in every game mode.

Handles and Sauce

The 2K community loves to dribble. Because of how essential it is to hoops, this is another very important piece of gameplay for 2K. In NBA 2K20, the dribbler will now have contextual and situational awareness. Also, Signature Dribble Styles have been implemented for a variety of players.

The animations available have new concepts like dead leg/punches, hesi-lifts, and inverts. Just like in the motion section, 2K says the dribbling movement will be based on the size and dexterity of the player. The new dribble moves are controlled primarily with the left stick. With the left stick, gamers can utilize the new size-up mechanic that allows you to chain moves together. The most elite ballhandlers seem to have a plethora of dribble moves at their disposal. When in the hands of a skilled ballhandler, 2K20 might be set to deliver the best dribbling experience we’ve seen in a while. There are even PARK-specific dribbles available for that model.

Read & React

2K wants to stop gamers from spamming the steal button. In NBA 2K20, you’re now able to branch out of layup animations in more situations. This is a ballsy addition, and here’s why: I can easily see how this system could lead to a number of what-just-happened moments where there are collision detection issues that become maddening to the player. The game will now allow users to utilize half-spin and cross-spin gathers to beat defenders. Dunks could look even nastier in this year’s game. There are hundreds of new mid-air collisions, hard fouls, and blocked shots.

The post-game was also worked on to increase the number of fakes, backdowns, and overall moves. Post defenders will also be able to use the previously mentioned body-up system to control some of the pet moves gamers use to score in the post.

Working Off-ball

Up to now, the aspect of real-life basketball that has been the most neglected in the 2K series is the game away from the ball.

2K has brought back off-ball jukes. When playing off-ball, you’ll be able to use the Pro Stick as you would if you were dribbling to create space between you and the defender. This alone could change the way teams in the NBA 2K League play. Players can use fake first steps, spins, stutters, flare cuts, dives to the hoop or simply spot-up for open jump shots.

The Next Step in AI

Never underestimate the importance of A.I. in sports video games. More work has been done to have your CPU-controlled teammates create sensible movement away from the ball. Defensive A.I. continues to improve, but the greatest area of opportunity has always been in transition defense. In an effort to remove the overly predictable outcomes in offline modes, CPU players will now be subject to the same shot-timing penalties as a user.

Badges & Takeover

Lastly, NBA 2K20 is redoing its badge and takeover system. I’ve wanted to see an expansion of badges with more on the defensive side of the ball, as well as some off-ball concepts as well. The Takeover system is back for NBA 2K20, but the blog doesn’t go into this piece of gameplay too deeply.

This is the pre-release version of the NBA 2K20 blog to introduce the new gameplay has been added to the game’s impact, want to learn more, please pay attention to u4gm.