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Check Out This Playable Pokemon Go Halloween Costume

Using PVC pipes, a sizable cardboard cutout, toy Pokeballs, and also a plush Pikachu, mattcyborgelt’s video flaunts the costume for action, because camera man spins the PokeStop icon, gets to be a Pokeball, then throws and catches the pocket monster. It’s both elaborate and adorable. See it doing his thing in the video below:

Make certain to check out mattcyborgelt’s YouTube channel, for much more of his creations – such as a similarly constructed Tinder costume, as well as a coffee table built to resemble a Nintendo 3DS.

Despite noticeably losing fervor since its insane launch, Pokemon Go continues to be making $2 million each day. Its relation to the world is tough to ignore – majority of folks even estimates that Pokemon Go players took 100 billion procedures in just 11 weeks.

For more Pokemon Go, look at our comprehensive wiki. For slightly scarier Halloween fare, look into our listing of the top 10 scariest games ever.

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