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Reliable Sources From EA: FIFA 15 TOTY Loan Players Will Be Released

EA Sports have revealed on Twitter that they are going to be releasing some of the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Team of the Year players on loan for a short period of time.

FIFA 15 2

Every year EA Sports release a TOTY Ultimate Team edition with the players who were named in FIFA’s Team of the Year and this year’s edition included an in-form Cristiano Ronaldo rated at 99 and an in-form Lionel Messi rated at 98.

Now, with transfer deadline day proving to be a slow burner, EA decided to spice things up a little bit by releasing some of the star players on loan in Ultimate Team for brief spell.

The news is likely to be greeted by all FIFA Ultimate Team players with the in-form Ronaldo in particular proving to be an extremely popular signing given his propensity to score goals from all angles.

It seems as if Arjen Robben and Toni Kroos will probably both be available as well along with Messi and it will be interesting to see whether or not the entire team will be released.

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Today FUT 15 Servers down on PS3 And Xbox 360

We have a quick heads-up to bring you now, for those that are still playing FIFA 15 on PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles.

EA has sent out a warning, reminding players that FIFA 15 servers for FUT and the Web App will be down today for brief maintenance.


The good news is that the maintenance will not last long. In fact the FIFA 15 servers should be back up in just 30 minutes time according to EA’s statement which they posted on their forums.

The key thing you need to know is that the FIFA 15 FUT servers will be down at 10pm Pacific Time on January 29. For those in the UK that is 6AM the following morning, or 1am for those on the eastern Time zone in the US.
EA states that during the maintenance, all FIFA 15 online services will be unavailable so bear that in mind. In previous maintenance windows, we’ve seen the downtime last longer than the scheduled time, so hopefully this won’t be the case here.

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The Best Players TOTW 20 Released by EA

EA already picked the best players of the week. The players names were unveiled this Wednesday at 3pm UK.


Neymar had two goals and an assist as FC Barcelona crushed Elche 0-6 on Saturday evening. In 17 league appearances for the club this season, the 22 year-old has 14 goals and four assists.

Also on Saturday, the legendary Miroslav Klose had a goal and an assist for Lazio as they won their match against AC Milan 3-1. The 36 year-old has four goals and four assists in 17 league appearances for the Rome side.

In Turkey, only one point separates first place from third as Fenerbahçe, Beşiktaş and Galatasaray vie for the Süper Lig title. On Saturday, Fenerbahçe defeated Kasımpaşa 0-3 with Dirk Kuyt scoring twice for the visitors. Then on Sunday, Wesley Sneijder opened the scoring for Galatasaray as they took care of Rizespor 2-0.

Check it out the starting eleven of this FUT 15 Team of the Week 20:

GK: Diego Alves, Valencia CF – 81>82

  • RB: Mikael Lustig, Celtic – 75>77
  • CB: Emiliano Moretti, Torino – 75>77
  • CB: Laurent Ciman, Standard Liège – 73>74
  • CDM: David Pizarro, Fiorentina – 75>77
  • RM(RW): Dirk Kuyt, Fenerbahçe SK – 76>78
  • CM(CAM): Julien Féret, SM Caen – 73>74
  • CAM: Wesley Sneijder, Galatasaray SK – 84>86
  • ST: Ross McCormack, Fulham – 74>74
  • LW: Neymar, FC Barcelona – 86>88
  • ST: Miroslav Klose, Lazio – 81>82

The substitutes of this FIFA 15 Ultimate Team TOTW 20 are:

  • GK: Romain Salin, Marítimo – 70>73
  • CB: Miguel Ángel Herrera, Pachuca – 69>72
  • RM: Stéphane Darbion, ES Troyes AC – 68>71
  • LM (LW): Sam Larsson, SC Heerenveen – 68>71
  • ST: Odion Ighalo, Watford – 72>73
  • ST: Jonathan Pereira, Real Valladolid (Rayo Vallecano) – 69>72
  • ST: Kris Doolan, Partick Thistle – 62>64

The TOTW 20 IF players will be available in packs only from 6pm UK January 28 to 5:30pm February 4, 2015. You can play against them on the ‘Team of the Week Challenge’ section within FIFA 15 Ultimate Team on FIFA 15 Coins PS4, XBOX360 or other consoles.

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Have a perfect team chemistry is very important in FUT15

If you want to build a team in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Mode, you should be similar with the chemistry which is the necessary factor to enhance team power. No matter the player’s personal chemistry or the team’s chemistry, they all affect your team’s performance. Therefore, to own a perfect chemistry team is very important in FUT 15.

How to increase the chemistry? There are three factors you should take consideration:fifa guide

1. You should put the player’s position correctly.

Position values
· Wrong Position (GK @ ST) = – 4
· Unrelated Position (LM @ LF) = 0
· Related Position (CM @ CDM) = 2
· Correct Position (CB @ CB) = 3

2.The relationship between players.
Link values between FUT Player
Nation = 1
League = 1
Club = 1

3. Manager Chemistry
Manager and loyalty bonuses are still present.
Manager Bonus = +1 individual chemistry for matching player league or nation with manager.
Loyalty Bonus = +1 individual chemistry for packed players, or players with 10+ games played.
Formula to calculate in-game chemistry: (Individual Chemistry * 0.75) + ((Team Chemistry/10) * 0.25))

This first step is vital if you’re playing FIFA 15 Ultimate Team as a squad with 100% chemistry rating means that all your players will perform better on the pitch and this only means great things all-round.
In-game chemistry is based on a weighted average of individual and team chemistry, with the weighting 75%-25% respectively. Therefore (and as an example), a player on 10 individual and 100 team chemistry will receive a greater boost from chemistry than the same player on 10 individual and 70 team chemistry.

When your squad is normal, you can get goal through defensive and back fight. As long as you own great defensive ability and chemistry that you can win! To fight back we need a efficient and fast striker.

If you like to attack, you can choose 3-5-2 formation which make you get goal crazy.While, when you are attacking, you should have strong defender ability and the midfielder has a strong control ability so that opponent can’t get chance to strike back.
- See more at: http://www.fifa15-coins.com


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FIFA 15 coins making golden tips

fifa 15 coins tips People playing FIFA games are interested in getting as many coins as possible. While there is a lot of advice on the internet and books, most of the tips given don’t work. For you to make real money on FIFA, make use of the following tips:

Play offline
Playing offline exposes you to many games and tournaments that help you in getting many fifa 15 coins. The good side with playing offline is that there are very players there. Due to this you have a wide range of tournaments and money making opportunities.

Playing offline also allows you to test the chemistry and formation of your team so that you can know the best players to use. You also get to know the players that you should consider selling.

Make use of fitness cards
Although, fitness cards are very effective in helping you to make money, they are one of the most overlooked ways of making coins on FIFA.Although, fitness cards are very effective in helping you to make money, they are one of the most overlooked ways of making cheap fifa 15 coins on FUT 15.

To make money using this method you need to go to the “consumables search” and then search for Squad fitness cards of gold. The good side with these cards is that they are easy to find and you will easily come across cards of under 1,000.To make money you only need to buy as many cards as possible and then sell them at small profits. It’s easy to make money with fitness cards because every player needs them. To make good amount of money you should aim at making just a small amount of profit on every card that you sell.

Sell the gold squad
Here you need to buy an entire team of 11 non-rare gold players. You should ensure that you buy each player for a price that does not exceed 350 coins. You should also ensure that each player has seven contracts.

Once you have all the players, you should start playing games until the contracts of all the players run out. You should then discard all the players by selling each player for 350 coins.You make money by playing the games. If you win all the games you will make up to 5,000 coins.

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Cheap fifa 15 coins bring victory to FUT 15

 fifa 15 coins guideBoost up your Ultimate Team by providing them extended life. Do you know how you can extend the life of your team and boost them up to defeat the challenger? Investing cheap fifa 15 coins is the secret in this concern that enhances the capability of the Ultimate Team performing well in the arranged matches.

While you select your Ultimate Team, you can discover the captain and cards. This is the start of the game and the limitations too in playing the game, as you become confined into the situation with the cards, where detailed of the team structure and the advantages you can obtain are mentioned.

With the start of the game, your players take different policies in order to tackle two defenders. It might be an attacking policy or a defending policy. Whatever the policy the players adopt, it should be effective in making use of the chances that leads to win the game. The team is awarded with the whining, which ensures the stronger position of the team too. Therefore, defeating the next team in a tournament becomes greatly possible to the winning team. In this way victory over victory comes.

You can improve the skills in playing the game and score highest in the match. It is easy to estimate that player getting a victory in a match not only become more courageous and confident, but also becomes more practical in taking decisions. In the same way, investing more cards, players improve their skills and do fare in the games. Therefore, whenever they tend to play by keeping in view the situation. When it is needed to defend, they defend and when chances come to make goals, make no mistake.

Power brings freedom. As many cards you would hold, so much powerful team you can build, as cards empowers the team, which can be used as and when needed to strengthen the team as well as to overcome problematic situations of the Ultimate Team. Buying cheap fifa 15 coins provides you the opportunity to access the freedom that helps you to overcome the problems of your team by eliminating your weaknesses and by boosting them up investing coins.

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How to Build the best fifa 15 ultimate team and get the best players


FIFA 15 Ultimate for different platforms, centers around the most popular portion of FIFA’s gameplay. For those who don’t know, rather than use an existing team, you start your own team and build it up using the best players that you can find. This guide will give you tips on maximizing score, chemistry and position matches as well as ratings, all for the best price possible.

As a beginner you generally want to try to load up your team with the highest rated cards possible. Your overall team rating will change based on your overall statistics. Since you’ll load up on gold cards right from the beginning of the game, start off by making your team all-gold, then start fine tuning from there.

Once that is done start tuning your team for chemistry. The way to maximize chemistry is to get players from the same team together, playing next to each other. The same league and the same nationality also work for chemistry, but putting teammates together will work best for overall chemistry.

Then, start looking for weak points in your game and search for players who will represent a boost in specific statistics. If speed is an issue, go for a high PAC. A high SHO will make for great shooting on goal, while a high PAS will increase passing and receiving effectiveness. A high DEF increases defense, a high DRI refers to dribbling skill (faster changes of direction + easier time keeping the ball), and PHY refers to physical toughness.

For a goalie, there are different stats. Diving, handling, kicking, reflexes, speed and positioning are your reference points. Arguably, diving, positioning and reflexes are the most important, here. Kicking is stupidly unimportant for a goalie, for the most part – find a goalie who specializes in the important stuff.

Fine tune your team even further by optimizing the stats per position. Strikers, for example, should have a high shooting rating, while defenders should have (obviously) a high defense rating. Center players should have a good mix of the two, but their speed, dribbling and physical toughness is the most important due to how often they’ll be running around.

You are not always going to have the players to fit the right positions and still maintain the best score or chemistry. When a player is playing out of position, the best indicator of how close to their optimal position is the foot indicator. Green means that they like the position (their stats are a good match and their main position is a close match). Orange means they’re ok with it. Red means they hate it.

Change the formation around depending on what mix of players you have. Experimentation is required here, but with enough of it, you’ll be able to determine whether your formation is optimal both for increasing ratings and chemistry, due to where players are in relation to each other, as well as increasing position effectiveness.

Additionally, different formations can compensate for organizational weaknesses and make them into strengths. Offense is bad? Pick a formation with three or four strikers. Defense is awful? Do the exact opposite. In general it’s best to stick to a formation with a balance of offense and defense, though.

Use the transfer market for the surest way to increase your chemistry, position rating, and all of the other good stuff besides rating. Search by league and club and try to pick up everybody from the same club, and use the club’s formation, or pick up everybody from the same league to maximize ratings. Or for more options, go with the same nationality. Your other players, the gold ones who don’t match, should be sold on the transfer market.

Use the auctions to make a major profit. Auction off your gold players, and set the buy-it-now price somewhere in the middle of the market value, maybe slightly higher depending on how long you want the auction to run for. And when you are bidding, bid during the last hour if at all possible.

Use the chemistry style cards to determine which team stats will take a boost from having high chemistry. Everyone has the basic chemistry style to start off with, and you can use the chemistry style on each player depending on their position and their desired statistics. For example, a defensive chemistry style is best for defenders.

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Approaches to Get Lots of Coins and FIFA Points


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is the latest version of the long lived soccer/footy franchise, with the focus being on, of course, the ultimate team gameplay that brings card-battling into the whole mix, allowing you to mix and match soccer players of all nationalities, leagues and teams into one super team – and of course, trade players. Read on for some tips on how to get more coins and FIFA points in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team!

Maximize your fifa 15 coins earnings within the game by setting the matches to the shortest time that you can, which is two minutes per half. The bonus for winning or losing the match stays the same, with the only increases being in the number of happenings within the game (goals, etc) that lead to earning bonus coins.

However, your difficulty level affects how many coins you earn so play at the highest difficulty that you can win at. Or, since beginner mode is so much easier than even amateur mode, set it to beginner mode so you can score a gigantic amount of goals, shots on goal, tackles and other good stuff that gives you extra coin bonuses.

Play in the simulation mode to earn easily. Quick simulation will make the match happen automatically, while you essentially act as the coach and tell your team to be more aggressive, less aggressive, attack, defend, etc. With proper team management, you can even win in the world-class difficulty mode against top teams.

Make use of the transfer market. Do smart dollar-cost averaging (buy players with the cheapest bids that you can) and then sell them off with the minimum price being set just over the amount that you got them for and the buy it now price being set somewhere in the midrange of their market value.

Play in the season and tournament modes and win in order to earn the biggest bonuses. Tournaments that are the most limited time or have the weirdest requirements tend to be the most lucrative ones. Increase your chances of winning the money by keeping the difficulty level low.

You can earn FIFA Points in limited time tournaments, but only occasionally. Most of the time, they will just earn you coins. Other than that though, the only known way to earn FIFA points legitimately is simply to buy them in the in app purchase store. Luckily, they aren’t necessary to have unless you simply want to pay to win.

As you progress through the various tournament modes, you will unlock more and more tournaments. As you complete more of them, you’ll unlock more of them, and your outcome determines what you’ll unlock next. If you lose you’ll unlock weaker tournaments with smaller prizes, and if you win you will unlock tougher tournaments with bigger coin prizes.

Log into FIFA 15 every day to collect large rewards. The rewards depend on the day, and also on how many times in a row you log in. Most of the time, of course, you’ll earn coins as a reward.Whenever you play a quick match as a way to earn coins, try to pick the weakest team with the lowest amount of stars possible in order to make it easier to win with a higher difficulty level. Pick the weakest leagues to play against, as well. There’s no reason to make it any harder than it has to be to win.

Playing against the Team of the Week can provide better rewards than simply playing against some other random team. Whenever you’re thinking about farming by playing a quick game, play against the Team of the Week instead. The same thing is true for the games of the week – all of them have extra rewards.When making use of the transfer market, set auctions for as long of a time as you can find patience for so that you have the best chance of getting bids And most of the time in auctions you won’t get any bids at all (it’s all down to luck) so simply set as many players (and other cards) as possible to auction for the best chance at making sales.

Don’t just limit yourself to working with the gold cards. Certain individual bronze and silver cards can be in very high demand, as well – you’ll need to figure out the market rates for cards like this. Examples include world cup heroes especially. Search for them by nationality and position since you can’t really type in their names.

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Tips to improve your FIFA 14 skills

fifa 15

For those of you unfamiliar with the game, FIFA 15 is an EA soccer simulator. The game features virtual versions of actual teams complete with actual professional soccer players. To best simulate the unique skills of each player, the teams and players are ranked by various skill metrics that are updated regularly based on the real player’s performance on the pitch. Metrics include agility, pace, defense and strength, among plenty of others. From how to effectively use your players during throw-ins to mastering the lob pass and learning how to best shield the ball against opponents, game videos are your chance to take your FIFA 15 skills to the next level.

It is worth that the game achieved the second highest sales for any number one this year, behind FIFA 15. If you prefer catching balls with your hands rather than with your feet, then EA’s got you covered with an demo to complement its FIFA 15 offering. Lots of goals are scored via the flanks in FIFA 15, which is why effective flanking is a must for any successful player. All they want is a collection of games for their brand new consoles. If you’re planning to get FIFA 15, please do so as usual.

You can’t win unless you score, and you can’t score unless you shoot. There are many different ways to take a crack at the goal. Just pulling back and letting it rip is one way, but they pay goalies tons of money for a reason. You might have to utilize technical shooting to beat the keeper.

When walking around retail giant, players can notice that there is a mistake in the pricing of fifa 15 coins. One of our reader spotted two different FIFA 15 on the shelves. One is a standard copy while the other is the special edition that comes with extra contents and unlocks. The cheaper FIFA 15 was supposed to be the exclusive edition. It is a sales tactic to put the two side-by-sides in order to quickly sell the promo item.

For those who are looking for cheap FIFA 15 Coins and fifa ultimate team coins, look no further. Its 100% legit and the customer service is very helpful albeit they may be slower than wanted.

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Improve Your Gaming by buying Fifa 15 Coins

fifa coinsFIFA 15 is the latest version of the FIFA video games series from Electronic Arts. The game is set to release its 15th installment on Sept. 23 for the North American region and Sept. 25 for the Europe region. Different countries will have different launching dates but by early October, FIFA 15 will be available all over the world.

The FIFA 15 coins act as your virtual currency which you can trade for the various world grade players. They are your license to purchase some of the rare players to help your team stay on top. Once you buy FIFA coins Xbox, you can increase your contacts, formation and fitness needs. If you are keen to streamline your playing choices, you can add to the strength of your team with potential players. The FIFA 15 coins eliminate all kinds of problems and provide the start you want to make potential progress and win the game.

All you need is to buy the coins and exchange them for groups of players and begin trading. With the coins, you can acquire a major hand in the game early in the season. This helps you work your way across the different divisions and make it to the top. If you are done with buying the FIFA 15 coins, and do not need them anymore, you can also sell them. This also helps you get rid of baggage. Once you have the relevant coins, you are able to focus better and play the game on your Xbox with excellent results.

Make your team win as you buy FIFA 15 coins to play the game. Make sure you buy cheap fifa coins xbox from genuine stores.

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