Some principles that goblin gets rich

Point card’s cost and hour gold theory
Pandaria has opened 5.1, the time and money we spend in wow is also increasing. Taking my current fifth zone Theramore tribe as example, 18000G point card means even you don’t do anything, you also need to pay 270 G per hour. If you have no game gold as hedging, that means you need to use real money to buy point card. Someone scorns to earn game golds, we can neglect them. I mainly make the following discussion to those players who care of earning game golds:

No matter you are in farm, auction company, brushing copy, doing task or leveling, you should measure whether your behavior is enough “economy”. Put aside your life value and ability to earn money in real life, every step in the game you should obey the idea you could get 270G per hour. Especially as a goblin, when you are using point card, other people are doing daily task, download copy has income. Doing high additional value first and then low additional value. If your physical strengthen is not enough, just doing task which can earn more money or postpone. In one words, always remember consuming 270G per hour in your heart and try hard to make this money.
I sum up my own experience being a goblin for several years, give the following relation schema:
Original materials: mining、herbalism、peeling、fishing;
Primary made-up production: gold metallurgy、jewel crafting、inscription、cooking
Advance made-up production: forging, tailor, leatherworking, engineering
End decomposition: enhance
From top to down, it is the whole business chain’s upstream and downstream relation. I don’t mean enhance earn the most G, but want to tell you, when you could use all your business skills well, your operation behavior will reach a high level.

If you are determined to be a real hobgoblin, but not a robot who is good at operating plug-ins, batch account number. I suggest you practice all business skills and enrich your wow knowledge, recite auction’s process expertly, know how to produce them. In this way, maybe players will have challenging and achievement sense.

Goblin is the most special “career” in wow, which is born by auction company. It is a profiteer, original materials’ collection and storage warehouse, also volume production factory and even a stabilize price angel. As small amount players, we are needed by players, but also not respected. As a faithful goblin player, this article wants to share some experiences to late-comers.

Some principles that goblin gets rich
Large-scale, mass production
Scale is profit. In wow, occasional windfall profit can not open the rich door for you. A good business idea is not difficult to be found, let alone it is only a game. No matter in which area, the rich concept obeys large-scale and mass production method. Successful goblin is a commodity types transform machine, which relies on auction’s platform, by burning point card and business skill’s process to let abundant commodities change to rare items. Getting through some selling skills and cruel price-cutting competition to achieve their wealth addition.

Perseverance and insistence of gaining golds
Time is money. Your money could be restricted the small amount of servers, but facing to all players who have different demands, you can satisfy them but neglect it. From a professional goblin’s attainment, you are out of duty. It just likes you are a priest, but seeing MT drops blood and can not treat them. What support “fulfil our duty” is just the preserve willpower and great desire to get golds. It is a prerequisite for whether a player can become hobgoblin.

Long tail theory
When a lot of wow players try all kinds of methods to sell gems, cut colorfulness, rub deck, sell glyphs, make mounts, high class equipment, bag and high enchantment, whether you think other business chances besides these? The essence of being a businessman is taking money from other people’s pocket. Therefore no matter the goods are high or low class, as long as the profit is enough, they can become commodities. 

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