Recruit a Friend to WoW, Turn into a Flying Mount

Talk about giving your buddy a ride. By recruiting a buddy to World of Warcraft via the Starter Edition program, you’ll get access to the Obsidian Nightwing mount. No, not in your inventory. You get to transform into one and invite your friend to hop on your back. Cue The Rolling Stone’s Beast of Burden.

The Obsidian Nightwing replaces the previous recruiter reward X-53 Touring Rocket mount, which, let’s be honest, had been around way too long to be really exciting. You’ll only get the mount upon your recruit’s payment of their second full month, so you’ll have to wait a bit to get it. But, while you wait, you’ll get friend-to-friend summoning and extra XP for working together. Probably worth it.
I used to play WoW and it was fun. The concept of the never ending video game was a great allure. The only problems, repetitive questing (grinding), stolen loot (dungeons), but most of all, the shitty people (everywhere). Everyone was a dick for the most part, particularly the random conversationalists in the common and trade channels. I swear these people paid for accounts just to talk about nothing (or politics) to and with digital strangers. Not to mention the guild mates who wanted you to help them, but wouldn’t help you so you could help them (by way of being properly geared to play your roll in questing, dungeons, pvp). That is not including the waiting for enough guild mates to surface so runs could be made/executed. Also, the game is not solo capable, cause of the gear requirements. If you were not up to date, you got slaughtered, especially in pvp. Plus, after the WoW South Park episode, I could no longer look at the game the same way. 

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