Monk part skill changes

The xuan cows give chance to trigger
Any type of melee attacks hit, thanks to trigger the xuan cattle. Yellow word attack has a 10% chance to trigger; As for the white and the tiger combo, equipped with 2 h weapon (weapon speed / 25) % chance to trigger, one-handed weapons, weapon speed / 50% chance to trigger.
Spirit demonstrated by the passive removed?
B: yes. We are going to through the xuan and distillation of cow: ethereal wine to improve winebibber against the value of the property. But one thing I would like to make is, so far I haven’t seen a community discussion winebibber routines explicitly xuan cows give this important skill.
Are you sure you want to decrease the iwaki cow type of energy recovery?
Display an error, it is purely describes a accidentally can display the numerical value of back into improving HP values, next patch will repair it. In fact xuan cow type still has 30% of the energy recovery. By the way, with the development of skills is more and more complex, ability can not very accurate description are the display of the actual values, then we have to repair these description error. However, website data excavation usually changes the values of the errors as a formal. This will be another test process chaos and heavy and complicated.

Because the skill of weapon damage, weave fog monks prefer to choose to use high wound agile weapons going to how to solve the problem?
Before several versions woven fog damage some problems inside, in the part of the problem, such as sodium gas sensitive treatment of vomiting China than intelligence outfit, and so on continues to this day. But even full hard prominent treatment, weave the fog should not benefit from agile weapons, we will ensure that the listed before fully deal with these problems.
Step wind idle waiting time too long
The information you provide is very incisive, but it is not beyond our expectations. Like other energy professional, tread the wind monks should not 100% by public cooling effects. Skills of using frequency will increase with the equipment upgrade, but if the GCD must play the piano no idle just suitable for: it is very subjective. And we are hoping to test players can continue to provide more advice on this.
Play dot, disillusionment and nu ray broken function
Current version disillusionment play DoT a few bugs, the next version will repair. Disillusionment play DoT mechanism and fire mage, combine residual damage to the new DoT. In other words after the battle, no matter the DoT time ever overlap, disillusionment DoT damage should just disillusioned be kicked directly damage of 20% (excluding damage of rounding and excessive struck). Nu ray designed is suitable for use of single target, but also have use nu, ray, break is to its dizzy effect not to be hurt.
Monk level 30 talent was part of a loop or a stand-alone tool skills? Energy recovery rate is final now?
Current level 30 talent is not a part of the cycle (at least in a standard wooden war), but can still be adjusted. Energy recovery rate is not yet final, but did not try to change it for the time being.

Tiger combo can trigger enchant white flat cut?
Tiger combo is should be like a normal flat cut on the feeling, but the technology is not the same. Tiger combo Buff will be triggered by ordinary flat cut (miss), and Buff layer will be common flat cut consumed (miss). Tiger combo attack in combat text is displayed as “white”, but the way of observation in the combat log into fortune-telling is “yellow”. It is can not hit, dodge, parry, was blocked, and so on, but because it is not white, will therefore not be skewed, also is not affected by dual wield the misses. Its chance to trigger is used to balance our dual wield and hands monks is one of the most important link, mainly because he is not affected by dual wield misses. Temporary tiger combo is regarded as trigger technology, therefore unable to trigger or additional trigger. Only hard prominent and distillation: certain monk skills such as ethereal wine will see tigers combo as a normal attack. 

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