Item Stats Knowledge for Barbarian Beginner

With a great variety of skills and runes, Diablo 3 has caught the attention of many players. The supporting items are the core for player to continue the loot in game day after day. As to the skill build, you can get a lot about every class on the internet. But item stat is always the big problem for most new players. This time I would give you some tips on choosing items that suits you best. I sincerely hope that this guide would help you.

1. Main Stat Choices: the main stats include Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity and Vitality. For every class, the higher the main stats, the better. But there is still priority in choosing other stats. For a Barbarian, you should choose Strength, then Vitality, then Dexterity. The Strength can increase the DPS. Vitality can increase the EHP and Dexterity would increase your dodge chance to increase the survivability.

2. Armor and All Resistance: in current 1.0.6 edition, all resistance 600+, armor 7000+, sometimes you do not need to consider too much on the all resistance and armor. DPS always comes first.

3. Critical Hit Damage, Critical Hit Chance, Attack Speed:
Critical Hit Damage 500+, Critical Hit Chance 50%+, Attack Speed 1.8+, if you meet all these requirements, Monster Power 1-8 would be easy for you.

4. Life per Second, Life on Hit, Life Steal, Life after kill, Life Potion:
These are all the means to recover your life. At the moment, you should only consider Life Steal. Barbarian relies on high damage to give damage and then life steal to get life recovered. But when patch 1.0.7 PVP comes, I guess there would be enormous change. Life per Second would come back to stage again.

5. MF Stat:
As the Paragon Level increases, MF is not an important stat anymore. A paragon level 100 player has 500+ MF without any MF. You should choose the high damage items.

6. Socket:
Either two-handed weapon or dual wield weapons, you have to choose the socket weapon. Helm should be with a socket as well. They are both very good with an experience gem or a life experience gem. There should be at least three sockets in the chest armor. Now the Immortal king chest armor is cheap. 

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