I just want to speak out some experience

When the classical WOW alpha was testing, scholomance supposed to be an outdoor elite area, but designer did it so excellent, so they decide to make it as a copy.
At first, all shields are bucklers. Thief and hunter can use these bucklers. But later they changed all bucklers to shield and removed thief and hunter’s equip shield ability.
Hunter’s survival talent was melee tree and he has a tear skill. At level 60 can make less than 100 points hurt.
Priest’s discipline talent tree should be melee tree, that’s why heart fire adds attack strengthen.
The former dwarf could train mage.
Hunter used concentration value before.
Some careers’ talents add property as original digital way, but not connected with equipment/level.
There was no magic strengthen in the early age on the earth. It was not weird to see a 60 level mage only has less than 30 points hurt.Around new players village, the reason to gain a lot of cape properties’ same reason is the former cape had armor type. At the western coastal line of Stranglethorn Vale, there were two great islands, but they are removed already. If you could walk on the water or hike far enugh, you will reach these island and you will find you are in the area of the two island. There were a few task in Azshara, because the design is bad. When Blizzard realized, it was too late. They thought a lot of players hated this area, so they didn’t continue maintain it.The original design goal is there are 100 tasks in each alliance and tribe games.
When WOW was published, there was nearly no tasks in Silithus. Until TAQ battle, the patch was added.
In publishing, there are not a lot of tasks after 50 level, so players complain they have to kill monsters to upgrade level. Then Blizzard adds more tasks.

I am a discipline priest and never played holy before, so i dare not mention comments about these talents. I just want to speak out some experience, not aim at any careers.

Don’t count on shadowfiend could beat a silly milk Druid, even dispel his activation and HOT. He has cast and your pet couldn’t catch up with him and when one of HOT is dispelled, treatment is stronger.
Don’t fight with shooting hunter, unless you are locked in a room less than 6 yards. If someone wants to compete output with hunter, try to compete with this person first. If they use snake trap to beat you, you will have a conclusion: you have a great chance to win him.
Punish QS? He is very aggressive and doesn’t care about his equipment is good or bad. They only care about whether you are a player. Their enthusiasm was endowed by God. You must insist after WLK, most of them will be honest. Remember: when a drunk person pastes on you, no matter whether you can kick it off, don’t beat him, just go away at once.
When you meet MS, it is necessary to dispel as soon as possible. The DOT he threw to you never catch up with the four BUFF you dispel from him.
When you recall your courage talent skills and heroism, don’t sign with the current loneliness. Game is like life. Try to find an old warlock to have a chat if you are emotional, you will be fine soon.
If someone says your bad treatment make someone die, you should think over whether you are wrong? If not, you could tole him 70% death doesn’t blame on treatment.
In ZC, you could treat and also catch persons. But don’t be alone, otherwise you will make yourself cheap.
Be happy! Your dispel doesn’t only exist in game. You should also dispel the shadow of yourself and your frie 

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