I also love how GW2 puts a player

Quests and Adventure

This is another area in which one game goes the tried and true route, while another tries to shake things up.  There are plenty of folks who claim the MMO design isn’t broken and doesn’t need re-shaping.  Those folks will likely love the questing in TERA, and loathe the all-public events in GW2.  But me? I put up with the questing in TERA, well written though it is, because the combat and group content is fun enough to get me through “kill this, and collect this”.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  GW2’s events are still about killing and collecting, but like WoW did in 2004, it’s a refinement of the mechanic that disguises the “quest grind” in a way that makes it feel new, different, and altogether fun. I also love how GW2 puts a player in the world of Tyria and says “Go find stuff to do.” The explorer in me loves that.  And while I love the beautiful world of TERA’s Arborea, there’s a lot less focus on exploration.  It’s huge and pretty, but the content directs you through the zones via quest hub, and as an MMO veteran, GW2’s approach is just more novel and interesting.  TERA’s strength comes from the fact that the dungeons are a blast, the BAM’s are a truly great representation of world bosses, and there are open world dungeons a la EQ1.  I forgot how much I missed them. 

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