Get All of the Worlds in Warcraft for Just $30 This Week

Game companies really don’t want you going outside this summer, with their demos, double XP events, and new releases. The latest to make sure of that is Blizzard with their sale on everything World of Warcraft. Right now on the Blizzard Store you can buy the base game and every expansion for the combined price of $30 — that’s just $10 more than the standard price of the Battle Chest. Just looking for just the expansions? Those are only $10 a pop.

Now I feel like a complete doofus for dropping some serious coin on the Cataclysm Collector’s Edition a few years ago. Also this is a great way for Blizzard to drum up some excitement for Mists of Pandaria that’s presumably coming out later this year. So does this sale get you to dust off your copy of WoW so you can pick up one of the expansions on the cheap? You going to gift it for a bunch of your friends? Or does this not change a thing as you continue to camp out waiting for Guild Wars 2 to go live? Sound off in the comments below.

Pretty idiotic considering buying the latest or newest expansion…automatically gives you the previous content free. Bought WOTLK way back after the trial period was over….and got all previous content automatically. Be the same in getting Panderia….don’t have to only be a panda, can and have to..start a character at Level 1, which means going through all the older expansions.

I’ve gone like 8 months in this game without any new content. They need need NEED to stop making things so damn easy if they’re not going to be constantly shoveling new dungeons and raids into my cavernous maw. 

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