Friendship makes me stay on the Azeroth

What rock the deep of your soul? What stir your numb heartstrings? Is it a set of outstanding equipment? Is it breathtaking operation skill? Is it a beautiful young lady? No, the precious thing in fictitious world is still friendship, which can make you still keep excitement in playing the game. Only the eternal existance of the game, it can bury in your heart and let you get touched. Friendship is the eternal topic in fictitious world.

A few days ago, one of my wow student asked me: what is the goal in playing games? In my opinion: it is for friendship. No matter how many changes in game, friendship is still in there. I guess a lot of people have the following experience on Azeroth:
Come here and help me to brush tiger. Dragon is yours and tiger is mine, as I like tiger. I don’t have any worry, just ask what I need. Let’s go to battlefield. You add blood and I 1VN, just because I trust you. As long as you are alive, I believe the first blood is always mine. Let’s FB together and we are abused by group leader, but we pass it. The happy feeling is unregretful. I trust you. As long as you are here, I always have blood and OT. It is time to climb the top of orgrimmar’s gate. We research a long time and the price is several friends’ death, just for the happiness of people on thetop. Let’s travel around every part of Azeroth’s map, cooking, fishing, mining. We beat rare elite, as I am happy just for you. If only myself, even a short way I feel very boring.

Friendship makes me stay on the Azeroth where lets me down. I like the days with you, PK, flaging, going to the battlefield and overturn things for normal people. I like you put me in the center of battlefield, the feeling to kill. My eyes were moist when I saw our rank is No.1. I just like to feeling to be waited. It is the moment I brush black dragon. When you don’t sleep, you help me to find dragon eggs. You know I like beautiful modelling, handsome mount. You keep an eye on brushing dragon egg, which make me very touched. For friendship, we give up our guild. When we set our own guild, we cheered.

so many things make me know the essence of the game. Friendship contains a lot of things. Because of frienship, until now I recall the past times, it is so touched. Even though we quit wow, we still remember the happy time. 

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