First of all need players understand some things

First of all need players understand some things:

First, at present this version high-end witch doctor the most efficiency is mainly Build zombies bear strong acid DuYu is complementary, conditional run cool.

Second, from practical Angle for witch doctor don’t need pile of attack speed. The first attack speed on acid rain didn’t what impact on Diablo 3 Gold push out bear impact speed and drain blue speed. Second, do not blindly attack speed by ascending panel DPS, it was empty and meaningless. A lot of players just to impact ranking, if your bankroll is limited, do not follow. Push bear shot speed is too low anyone does not adapt, this is only the adaptive normal reaction just, when actual combat gains high is the same DPS low attack rate. If two ring, the former: 30 to 60 damage, 4 detonation 30 detonation injury, 100 intelligence. The latter: B: 9 attack rate, 4 detonation 30 detonation injury, 100 intelligence. From the practical point of view, is better than A is B, but B panel ascension than A.

Third, based on the point of view of actual combat in the current version, conditional choose as far as possible with fright weapon. Cause a, bear high AoE vampire effect under considerable; Reason two, maybe we can version 1.0.4 by high DPS seconds strange to ease pressure, but in 1.0.5 your DPS enough to seconds strange, you will be very need endurance h. means; Three reasons, would rather sacrifice point DPS, also do not mean strike back and steal.

Fourth, single hand two-handed weapons choice, here only objective evaluation of single hand me the advantages and disadvantages of test.

A: single deputies have higher panel DPS, first of all we should understand critical strike detonation injury is the best proportion of “-”. Two-handed weapons explosion highest injury can be close to 600, critical breakdown face set should be 4.5 + 10 + 6 + 8.5 + 4.5 + 4.5 = 38 or so. Diablo 3 Items single secondary detonation hurt less 100, crit 10 more. Also is 500 explosion, 48 critical strike chance. Here you can see the difference between place, why 10 crit and 100 detonation injury is not balanced, the reason is two-handed weapons crit chance disorder, but in fact his hands DPS will not lose too much.

B: single attribute the advantages and disadvantages of the deputy. Current version of the most practical single deputy should be a horse that zuma’s carving osteotome + the deep magic item (sabre because it is physical attribute + vampire). The most practical two-handed weapons should be vampire version of the si cowen axe. The two combination out, more DPS reference the above A, the frog sabre 20 to pick up, and 150 points the main properties, two-handed axes 3% more blood. Then considering the witch doctor most skills are not attack speed bonus weapon damage, we simply compare “two-handed axes words than the horse frog combination, weapon damage on the 500 + like (not careful calculation, we can calculate the sabre upper and lower limit and the axe + vice hands on the floor to compare).

C: you can list the hero is the witch doctor first D3 Gold single deputy DPS and first hands DPS. If DPS divided by attack speed obtained numerical, both hands is better than single hand.

Fifth, how many armour antibodies can be appropriate? This every player has his own different opinions, I talk about my opinions. In the DPS more than 120000 (why is above 120000? Because D3 Items with fathers set no attack speed bonus word 120000 is a threshold, why in the DPS premise? Refer to the first five) 500 anti – 600 resistance can, 600 best resistance. Because the harvest feast or improve intelligence, Buff after you will find that you are very easy to 800 + resistance. Actual combat Angle for as long as you normal operation, the average maintain 800 + resistance to easy. 700 is the turning point of the resistance to reduce damage, 700 after resistance diminishing re 

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