Final Fantasy XIV: Rebirth of the realm Review – a wonderful cross-platform MMO worth the monthly

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2010 launch of the experience plagued slim content, low users, after a terrible UI , Square Enix Final Fantasy XIV back to the drawing board a new staff , better motivation, as well as cross-platform PlayStation 3 games . Now, in 2013 , hopes to convince players to play free online games , in a modern state , the old ways can still subscribe as a reward , as they used to be. The order had been higher , taking into account the market based on the edge of a game , do not want to spend a month in cash. What I always keep going , even realized that I was to spend $ 180 a year , like ” World of Warcraft” to play the game , I was accepting the fact that only $ 15 per month . Taking into account a fast food meal costs about half of it was gone in an instant , what is beyond 30 days 15 yuan ? Here I do not think food prices, although the industry has built a high-quality game between the wall and consumer costs , Square Enix company is vigorously promoting the value and renewable online game Final Fantasy XIV: rebirth of a state.


Here is the real miracle , a mature online games are played on the PC and PS3 . Then again, is not the first Final Fantasy XIV , DC Universe Online cross-platform compatibility , but few will try to compare like World of Warcraft, which has been the global standard for nearly a decade genre superhero MMO. Even with the square of the permanent Final Fantasy XI continues to attract a huge fan base , struck gold World of Warcraft a universal formula , incredibly addictive features, including powerful world , almost countless cases, and an end , games, constantly forced to give millions of players.Here to supply Buy FFXIV Power leveling

Based in the world Hydaelyn, players navigate the realm of Eorzea after five years down Hydaelyn smaller moon , Dalamud. Autumn Dalamud of Garlean empire, which is the main antagonist , is to annihilate Eorzea. However , Eorzea ‘s residents did not know , Dalamud contain dragon Bahamut , the protagonist of large companies seeking scholars Archon Louisoix try resealing Bahamut . He failed, so instead he goes out of his last remaining energy , ether , and then wait until the world is safe habitat resend survivors. In the episode , the Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 This is how the end of the events in the realm of rebirth survivors left, ether and return to the world . In fact, after creating your character , you’ll find yourself floating in nothingness , you are summoned to a higher cause, and then fly into a huge Aethercrystal and input Eorzea.

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