Diablo 3′s new menu system

John Hight, who serves as Production Director on Diablo 3, says the most exciting thing about the PS4, in Blizzard’s eyes, is the controller. “This is not a mouse, this is something different for us,” Blizzard Senior System Designer Jason Bender says of the DualShock 4. “Working on a console version of Diablo 3, for us that means the controller is king,” Lead Console Designer Josh Mosqueira adds.

The use of both analog sticks comes from a perceived player expectation on Blizzard’s part – players will just expect to be able to do that with a console controller, Mosqueira says. The console versions of Diablo 3 on PS3 and PS4 will feature an evasion roll technique not available on PC.

The trackpad is demonstrated in the video above, sorting through a player’s inventory in the new radial-style interface. “We really built our inventory screens and the UI system from the ground up,” says Mosqueira. Another new ability is quick equip – at any time, players can press up on the dpad to cycle through the last few acquired items and equip any of them. 

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