Diablo 3 The Most Practical Skills

In diablo 3, many players have deep impression on Wizard, especially for those who have strong interests on magical power. Wizard is also known as its practical skills, including teleport, safe passage, energy armor, frost nova and diamond skin. This time, we’ll talk about three of the most welcomed practical skills mainly.
Imperial Palace Diablo 3
The first one is magic missile. This skill is the most substantial productive skills for Wizard as no energy and signature would be cost in the process. As the name of the skill, the attack speed is very fast. This is a Signature spell. 125% weapon damage as Arcane would be caused. here, I’d like to mention one of its skill runes which is penetrating blast. Missiles have a 100% chance to pierce through their target and hit additional enemies.

The second one is energy armor. This will cost you 25 Arcane Power. If you focus on your energies, your Armor will be increased by 35% while your Arcane Power will decrease to your maximum level. And the time lasts for 2 minutes. This Armor Spell is different from any other skills, only one chance will be given for you to active at a time. There’s also another branch skill named Prismatic Armor. For this, all of your resistances would be increased by 25% in the process of the Energy Armor is active.

The third one is frost nova. 12 seconds will be needed to cooldown. Nearly three seconds will be last when the frost blast the nearby enemies with an explosion of rice and freeze the enemies. Here is one skill rune names Cold Snap. Just as its name, the time of cooling down Frost Nova is reduced to 9 seconds. This is really amazing speed, even faster than frost nova.

Different people would have different tastes on those practical skills. However, no matter which one you like best, you have to master all of them very well if you want to play this role very well as each of practical skill plays critical role for you to upgrade your level. 

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