Diablo 3 Tank and Spank

Knowing from SC that Act 2 is unforgiving when it comes to melee I was once again quite scared. I know that in normal you generally don’t have to worry much about being hit… but then again, its hardcore. I started out quite cautiously, however a few more levels and I discovered revenge… caution went out the window.

Barbarian tanks Izual
Just before meeting Maghda I ran across a vampiric elite. This fight required a completely different skill set that I wasn’t ready for. Once again my fear of death had led me to stack too much vitality, and not enough strength. Basically I couldn’t out damage his heals. However Frenzy+alot of stuns allowed me to finally kill him. So it was AH time again. I was able to pick up almost a whole set of gear for around 10k. This let me once again fly through the next few hours of gameplay. When I got to Zoltun Kulle, I destroyed him. It was an utter joke. Dropped down earthquake and ground stop forced everyone to stand in it. Both his minions went down instantly and he was at 50% hp soon after. This is where it finally clicked that “Even if I am unkillable, I still wont be able to progress if I can’t kill anything else”. I’m doing a bit better focusing on my gear.

My gear was pretty awesome, I got to Belial and just did a nice “Tank and Spank”. My HP never went below 90%, had I of thought ahead and used frenzy rather than cleave I would have killed him even faster. 

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