Diablo 3 players analysis profiteers more appalling than the goldsmith studio

First of all, from the game itself speak reselling my opinion, putting the cart before the horse, the auction house what they need: For the game of professional players happy FARM is the game itself fun Diablo 3 Gold. Want to do have the ability to pour the stock of foreign exchange, ah! Reality on a profiteer, I also understand that reselling, but I do not like doing in the game, do you play games on the order all day staring at boring auction house? Occasionally reselling under the equipment they need, professional reselling really despise!

Second: the profiteers will not cause price inflation? The articles artificially high? Crap! You do not hit the equipment all day to push prices up (of course the consumption of gold coins to put it nicely, balance price), less equipment output, the price naturally inflated, why unrealistically high? Must certainly goldsmith is one of the main reasons Diablo 3 Gold! But the equipment output not keep up with demand down man to blame, the the profiteers of time spent on play equipment, more equipment, more equipment to meet the needs of players, the prices will drop naturally.

Conversely it? Less play equipment, if a piece of equipment 10 people have needs, the auction mechanism will naturally push up prices, and the tails really sell it, but the players spend the money than the heart is expected to be much higher! The final result is the auction house goods regardless of good or bad can not sell a bunch of players anxious to buy something. Why? Because gold coins less able to buy three money only because the equipment is too little to buy a Diablo 3 Gold. Like reality of grain production in the food naturally expensive, not countries recover the RMB will be able to solve the problem, because the demand is out there, the wolf little more meat ah! Can not afford to starve to death, and this kind of thing happened in the history of China also less?

The final result is a vicious cycle, low-end players buy cheap equipment started slowly lost interest AFK, more high-end players and profiteers pocket cargo, various RCC, in the end players train up, eventually led to the game class uneven. Like in real life can not train enough middle class to promote consumption. This is not a lot of people complain about the low-end goods nobody cares about it?

It can be said, profiteers and goldsmith studio co-boost, unseated part players will not firm. In addition, the goldsmith studio, I do not understand the mechanism. If cheating brush gold will naturally lead to the prices seriously expansion Diablo 3 Gold. But simple game goldsmith, inevitably produces equipment, proportion and an ordinary player, seemingly on the harmful effects of the game is also not profiteers serious. 

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