Diablo 3 Monks Using Sweeping Wind Build

Gamers who have played the Diablo 3 monk class long enough will naturally gravitate towards the Sweeping Wind build. In other words, Sweeping Wind build is the preferred build of top tier monks. Diablo Stats is a Blizzard-endorsed website developed by Rek, an online game enthusiast who has an enviable talent in computer science.
If you are not convinced that most top tier monks use Sweeping Wind build, you may want to check the ranking table on Diablo Stats. Although websites which provide information on gear wore by top Diablo 3 players are useful, they are of limited use. Why? Because top players purposely store the gear they use in their stash after play knowing that their profiles can be viewed freely by the public. One of the biggest secrets which top tier monks do not wish to let slip is using Won Khim Lau with the Sweeping Wind build. Amateur players who use the monk class in Diablo 3 will not pay too much attention to Won Khim Lau because of its low weapon damage. In fact, they will immediately put Won Khim Lau on the auction house for sale if they happen to pick up one in the game .

The secret of Won Khim Lau is it has one property which greatly enhances the lightning damage dealt by a Diablo 3 monk. Usually, top tier monks will use Fist of Thunder as their primary skill and the cyclone rune of the Sweeping Wind skill. Both skills are considered attacks which deal lightning damage. If a monk is equipped with Won Khim Lau, the damage of his or her lightning skills will increase by at least 15%. Now, think about the increase in off the paper damage per second using Won Khim Lau. You can hardly believe it, right? 

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