Diablo 3 monk existence of the error reading

Main deputy difference: in diablo iii is not main deputy distinction, two weapons no matter how put, your panel DPS is the same. If Diablo 3 Gold weapon attack rate is different, each attack panel attack speed will change, but face the same damage. As for a deputy said because buy 2 the same attribute weapons is really too difficult, so sacrifice the DPS to pursue other properties (such as strike back, blasting injury etc) weapon appellation “assistant”.
Blind choice strike back: indeed, in land clearing the second and third curtain time strike back is very important an attribute. But strike back and not required an attribute, it has fine substitute for back, life steal, and seconds back. The first said fine back, I think fine back is monk just to level 60 time the best land clearing h. attribute, the price is cheap, the effect is obvious.

Walk a time is able to h.; And strike back is the second and the third act standing pile the important attribute. But as the DPS increase, about 50000 DPS, 5% of the steal is enough to replace strike back (and not beyond, just can replace), in 100000 DPS, only need to Diablo 3 Items blood can meet the need of the play blame h.. Finally said once, do not blindly pursue strike back is not to say that the strike back to bad, strike back to still is the best recovery properties, but it’s another price most monks are not able to bear, 50000 DPS 1800 strike back to the gold can make a 80000 DPS blood flow of the monks.
About the attack rate, crit, blasting injury problems. Attack rate: 1, with a strike back time to restore more life. 2, faster recovery essence; 3, strong breeze kill more whirly; Crit: strong breeze kill trigger whirly chance more big; Detonation injury: pure output attributes (must pay attention to is small spin storm strike are critically hurt addition); In addition, as the output attributes, in the DPS reach 7 w later, about 1% crit = 10% crit damage = 2% attack speed.
Worth pointed out an error is: attack rate for strong breeze kill little cyclone have special addition, actually this is wrong, attack rate high can bring more whirly, D3 Gold crit tapping improve whirly trigger probability, detonation injury improve whirly quality, if only attack rate is high, the number of small whirlwind out, but not the quality, the most direct effect picture is good-looking, but whirly quality as detonation injury flow.
Say to the strong breeze kill, it is necessary to mention weapons attack rate, because strong breeze kill damage and weapons DPH relevant, theoretically speaking, more slow weapon speed (for example two-handed weapons) will provide higher strong breeze kill damage, this also is 1.2 weapon for a position. Crit detonation of injury flow monk can use 1.2 weapons, after all, with attribute 1.2 weapons than 1.4 weapon to much cheaper. But there are risks after 1.04 is buff consumption essence of damage skills, essence reply speed and damage will have greater relevance.
In addition to crit and violence injury, as well as lower limit and the relationship between the Items D3 Items speed (the players basic ignore the lower limit on bring DPS), the other attributes ascension is just affect their own coefficient. So for the current DPS addition it is constant. 

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