Diablo 3 in the virtual world of hyperinflation

Digitization of virtual currency is created, not subject to the goods to support, so it is with The Times in the real world currency nothing special different, such as in the diablo 3 gold is the legal tender of the fact.
Diablo 3, the example of inflows and sinking is as follows:
Flows into
Drop – when the player defeated the enemy, they often receive virtual gold rewards or to sell good price items;
Rewards – the game for players to get through “chapters”, and at the end of each chapter there is a group of “task”. To complete these tasks, players usually virtual gold award;
Buyers – players can through to the “game” buyers (computer, nonhuman) to sell virtual COINS.
The sinking
Repair – with the passage of time, the player’s equipment will be damaged in battle and wear, need to pay regularly in virtual gold COINS to make the game craftsman to repair;
Forging – virtual gold COINS to make the game players pay the blacksmith forge weapons;
Cost – players use the gold auction house need to pay a shelving fee and transaction fee, thus this part was removed from the economic system virtual gold;
Consumption – players can pay virtual gold from merchants to buy potions, scrolls, and other goods.

Blizzard’s cash auction house (RMAH) and in-game virtual gold auction house let players can through the brush and pursue real monetary gain can be arbitrage opportunities. RMAH based, at least part of the reason is that let players can’t handle the game outside of the third party through the market for a profit. However, BOT, it into the game’s sole purpose is to brush blame take to sell the items in the game world – soon appeared.

In the virtual fantasy world, The future of blizzard’s diablo 3 is not clear. Millions of people play in this multiplayer online game, witch doctor, demon hunter, and other roles in the land of the one called asylum of the dark world, involved in a war between angels and demons. This world always reminds people of jewish and Christian concept of hell: fire and brimstone, and joined the elements of fantasy magic fantasy fight with weapons. In a very simple game framework, virtual Diablo 3 Gold were as money used to buy weapons and battle damage repair, with the passage of time, the virtual gold can also be used to buy more resources to face a more dangerous enemy than ever before. 

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