Diablo 3 how to effectively increase the MF efficiency

MF is magic to the find, which is to find the magic to fight in World of Warcraft is neutral strange, as you can upgrade to earn money, get treasures. MF efficiency depends on the unit time MF to how many yellow fitted and legend Diablo 3 Gold. With the enhancement of the levels of difficulty, the monster’s blood is elevated to a very absurd number in exponential form, the highest degree of difficulty is definitely not the efficiency of MF first choice. If the frequency and the standards of most people is based on the legendary fall,5-7 should be a good choice. Specifically choose which one requires a combination of their own time of need in different difficulty, compared Drop improve to choose. But do not expect much high than 1.0.4 MF efficiency overall. Still concerned about the 63 jewelry affixes to upgrade to actual Diablo 3 Gold.
We want to pass a message to everyone is that we do not want to let the monster strength feels like one, you must conquer the mountain. And I feel that if we add a success, people will think, “Oh, I like to collect achievements, I think I have to do this thing.”
There are many examples, different people like different games are played Diablo 3 Gold. If you like to create the the human shields type of role withstand a lot of damage difficult line to win, and get the reward: playing so good. If you build a Contra-style role, slightly lowered some difficulty, and thus better efficiency. Therefore, the initiative is in your hands.

Personally very much agree with this passage. If you challenge the highest degree of difficulty, the first in the world to become immortal through brush Lv10 difficulty N people as a goal Diablo 3 Gold, that I think I am this post is not for you. The vast majority of fishing line and I believe the most high Fushuai I believe 1.0.5 came out, everyone thought remains: How out new jewelry? How more out new legend, and how Montreal Jinshan Montreal feces yellow?

Well, we must first consider the efficiency of MF of a question: What does it mean? Added to the MF highest the highest degree of difficulty, and then to slowly brush? No no no, if you spend more than a dozen times than others brush through it again. While others in the same period of time to brush two or three hundred elite, this efficiency what you think? Therefore, the definition of efficiency MF: within a unit of time, you can get the largest number of Gold, as well as the highest probability of legendary drop chance.
Because the decision to drop a MF four factors, elite number of drop total (white ash count together out how much in total), dyeing rate (which determines how much blond, 5/6 affixes, even legend), and affix extraction (decided you can randomly to a good affixes, or rotten affixes). Elite number, quantity and affixes not our decision, we can decide is higher MF reach higher staining rate in order to gain more Gold legendary.
1.0.5 There is no doubt that an optimal balance point Diablo 3 Gold. On the one hand, each raise a difficulty so you get more of the MF On the other hand, as the monster blood and DPS increase, the time consumed by each elite also increased dramatically. Let your MF becomes less efficient. 

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