Diablo 3 host version storage role can cover the expert mode

In today of blue stickers, Community Manager Lylirra and Grimiku revealed a message: You can use the host version of the role of data can be stored on a USB way to back up, when the expert mode can be overridden when the character dies back. But, this process is global coverage. During this period if you are on the other roles will be to cover as the data.

We all know the role of the expert mode will not be able to once again after the death of the game. Because this mechanism also officially became the expert mode allows many hard core gamers the ultimate choice. Initially, of course, there are some players through the backup role to avoid the loss of time of death, but most players can still calm face.

This is also very similar to Diablo 2 early replication approach, but Blizzard Blue posted earlier that the host version also has a built in copy protection mechanisms. At least in this mechanism has been cracked before, plus a host version of the long process of switching machines are unlikely large scale replication of other issues. Plus no auction house, but will not cause any economic system trauma. 

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