Diablo 3 heaven and hell prototype basis

Diablo III design game background story referenced many of the myths and Bible stories. Today, we have to come together to explore the origin Diablo on behalf of the good in the beginning of the founding of the world God Anu with representatives of evil, the Tasa Mette.Diablo beginning of the founding of the world of God, by Anu. He is unfathomable spirit body, which includes the world: good and evil, light and dark, substances with magic. Anu decided to discard the part of the body is not perfect after meditation, allow themselves to be more pure existence. Became a dark and evil gather abandoned by Anu breathing with death and darkness the seven dragon breath Tathamet. Anu incarnation of the diamond soldiers.more Cheapest Diablo 3 Gold please visit our site !

The Tasa Mette and Anu endless battle that stretches for thousands of years. In the final battle, they die. Anu spine become crystal dome, and support from the angels live to High days. Tasa Mette body of To burning hell foundation, it’s seven head embodiment of the seven demons. Three dominant leading the embodiment of the fear of the king of Diablo, the hatred of the king of Mephisto and Lord of Destruction Barr. The other four smaller leading the embodiment of the evil king Ards Modan, the the fraud king of Berry, Al, grief queen Andariel and painful king Andruil.Devil is also the same reason, even if the flesh is killed, the spirit just fall into the abyss, final purgatory furnace born again. Cartoons from the official release of “Diablo God: Wrath” in Diya Brochu said if confirmed it: beat Concordia Broken once not from the true meaning of kill it, because their spirit the body is immortal. So the only way to suppress them to seal them.

An interesting thing is that in the Babylonian myth kill Arps and Tiamat are their children. In the world of Sanctuary, we all know that the birth of a human – that is, Chennai non Heaven angel with the devil, their strength is beyond the existence of angels and demons, which is why the angels and demons want to win over mankind into their own camp, and then Lilith want to set up Chennai non Heaven army to wipe out the reasons of angels and demons. 

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