Diablo 3 Hardcore Barbarian Leveling

Act 1 was pretty terrifying. Having never played an hardcore character before I was constantly thinking about “what if I die? I’d lose all my stuff… Oh god”. It was actually pretty detrimental to my playing as even basic zombies I would hit once and run away. It wasn’t until a bit later that I realized I was being silly and started actually playing. I had forgotten how easy everything in normal was. However in the back of my mind I was always worried about dying. I understood how gearing up in hardcore worked… but I wasn’t sure of just how much I should prioritize my stats.  It took a bit to get into the swing of things. Pretty soon I was cruising along killing everything. (Always explore the whole map… provides good exp and items. Rushing leads to death).
Barbarian Kills Skeleton King in Act 1
Since I was moving along pretty well I stopped really paying attention to gear and just played the game. Once I got to the Skeleton King I realized that I was gearing up VERY wrong. I thought I was doing well up till that point, but I realized that he still hit like a truck… and I was going to have better luck killing him with kindness than with my blade. Turns out that even though I thought i was well geared I really wasn’t. I had focused TOO MUCH on vit, and because of that I was lacking in str. Eventually I won, but I learned a valuable lesson. So, a quick trip to the AH and I found that the economy isn’t jacked up… since there aren’t any people in hardcore farming act 4 Inferno, there isn’t an influx of expensive items, so everything is actually pretty cheap. For about 2k I got an awesome wep that made the rest of the run a joke. Lesson learned.

From this point forward I basically breezed through now that I had an understanding of gear and a new play style. When I downed the Butcher I was quite excited… Act 1 completed hardcore style. It was a high that I have not experienced in the standard game.

Bought some crazy awesome rings/amulets. Boosted my HP up to 6.5k and my DPS to 550. I killed Izual in 5 hits. Diablo went down with only minor hiccups… but I never dropped below 50% HP. I got caught in his bone trap a few times. Melee is a bit harder to move away from a big boss than ranged. 

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