Diablo 3 expert mode long-term players experience to share

First as a HC long-term players, the purpose is not only a customs clearance purgatory. If you want to see the result of words, please don’t look down the XD. As HC long-term player, very simple one thing, is the pursuit of equipment. Different Build need different Diablo 3 Gold equipment, always have the worth you to look for equipment, and what’s more, and may be accidental death need to gather together a set of equipment. In this purpose, I to simply said the current HC equipment problems.

The first say is the auction house. HC auction house equipment extreme lack, basically be you again rich, want to match a god outfit also need a week. So with equipment in HC is more than the SC of one thing. Of course, match equipment this kind of matter, different people have different views.

The second say is equipment properties. Say first general defense attribute: three main properties are defensive attributes, income basic same. Of course all career on the different. Here to separate said is agile and evasion. Diablo 3 Items armor can from equipment reactor, all resistance from the equipment of rubble, but only from the agility of dodge. And the uncertainty of the dodge often make people ignore this property, but to know a lot of time only to dodge can save your life. Of course in HC to pursue high main attribute high body have agility may not be a real things.

Strike back, seconds back, melee reduce injury, remote reduce injury, reduce control time, these is no doubt that defense attribute. Of course the professional emphasis on different. Here is about individual professional specific conditions.

The first monk said. Monk main attribute is agile, agile have against addition, add to dodge. At the same time according to the passive sensitive turn armour, can add armor, so agility is the first attribute of the monks. Monks were speed also to have the very big demand, because attack rate is high, the speed of fine D3 Gold back quickly, often can brush 3 seconds aura and improve their combat defense ability. Not to mention attack rate to strike back to contribution, so attack rate is the second monk attribute.

Fine back, fine h., these natural no doubt is defensive attributes, but because they only exist in fists and hat, so not choose equipment of first choice. In the monk attack rate fast conditions, strike back to income was the second return of more than two times. Due to the existence of nature, all the monks in the resistance of relatively good. D3 Items Due to strike back on the importance of monks, in fact I recommended dual wield. 

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