Demon World Diablo background story and characters introduced

Information about the devil is not a lot here can only make simple devil Diablo 3 characters introduced. Devil Diablo III character introduction is not a lot, but by playing Diablo destruction the God three games of the process can still be found in some of the demons habits. Diablo 3 story background will have some tips.a variety of D3 items waiting you to battle in the Diablo 3 Items game.

There are a total of three big devil in hell inside, including the fear the king Diablo Diablo, Lord of Destruction Baal Baal Another is hatred of the king Mephisto Mephisto. Hell is defined in the Diablo 3 story background, which is dominated by the three Great Satan. Diablo 3 characters introduced four small devil is the devil of the Duriel Andruil pain, Andariel Andariel torment and anguish of the queen.

Learned inside the group of Warcraft Diablo 3 story background particular note is Mephisto’s daughter, Lilith. Her appearance demon Andariel, but appear in 6BOSS scene, the forces or can not underestimate. As the mother of mankind, she and former archangel Yinruinasi, had a variety of having an affair, but more unexpected is that he is having an affair is how you do it.But Lilith human attitude, she is still a very ambitious role. So even in the Diablo three kinds Yinpalisi BOSS, inevitably there will be the mother of so a box of human existence. The information presented is a little less, but players can by quickly learned that the devil in the Diablo III game. 

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