D3 Demon Hunter Paragon Farming

Paragon farming is not fun.  It’s boring, repetitive, and monotonous…but here’s a new spec that will speed up your farming and make it interesting again.
Ever since Whirlwind Barbarians became the best thing since sliced bread, everyone has been trying to duplicate their mindless “hey I’m just gonna run though and kill everything and not get hurt cause I’m OP kthxbai” play style. You know what I mean, we’ve all been in a group with that WW Barb who solos Ubers MP10 blindfolded while reciting Shakespeare and basically carries us all.  All classes want to feel that OP, and Demon Hunters are finally in luck.

There are a lot of Strafe Specs out there that are…interesting.  The best one I found was CinderStrafe, but I thought it could be improved to allow you to farm higher MP content with a few small changes.

Always fire up your Shuriken Cloud and get out your Bat Companion before you rush in.
If you’re low on Hatred, look for health globes or pop Punishment
If you’re low on Discipline, get into melee range more for more Shuriken Cloud crits

See?  Not much to it, just like Whirlwind!  But…there are some finer points.

You’re going to need DECENT gear.  Your critical strike chance should be at least 30% and depending on what MP you want to run, you should have a good amount of all resist on your gear.
I recommend using the Templar Follower for his Hatred Regen talent.
This spec works best in big groups of mobs because you can generate more crits (Night Stalker procs) and get more health globes to naturally replenish your hatred. 

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