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How to choose your role on FFXIV

How to choose your role on FFXIV

You may puzzled by selecting job while thinking about launching on FFXIV. In fact he choice of a job is not so difficult at the end on FFXIV since, as said above, you can mount all the jobs on the same character. To start on a MMORPG is not a shame and do not be afraid to try things or to ask other players for advice. Each job has its advantages and their gameplay differs considerably. Don’t worry if you don’y know how to start today we’ll mainly introduce three roles trinity of the MMORPG: Tank, Healer and DPS.

How to choose your role on FFXIV

Role of Tank

There are 3 jobs representing the role of tank: Paladin , Warrior and Black Knight. The tank is the mainstay of the group. His mission is to keep the mobs and bosses on him and place them so as not to hinder his group. His health is highest and he has the skills to survive the violent assaults of his enemies.

Role of Healer

There are also 3 jobs for the role of healer: White Mage , Erudite and Astromancer. As the name suggests, the healer has a specific role: heal. This does not mean that it should be confined to that and its contribution in DPS and support is often highly appreciated or necessary. Long considered the most difficult role to master FFXIV, the Stormblood extension has simplified its task by making it much more accessible.

These jobs share the same fabric equipment and use a stick, a codex and an astrology globe as weapons respectively. If the White Mage has the most orthodox healing gameplay, the Erudit stands out for its absorption-based gameplay and the use of a pet attendant to care. The Astromancer has two postures to bring his gameplay closer to that of the White Mage or the Erudite while having the particularity of handling the cards that provide buffs to the group.
If this has not always been the case, it is now possible to play with any binome of healer in raid thanks to the changes made to the jobs over time.

Role of DPS

Having a good healer and a good tank does not make everything in dungeon and raid if the enemies do not get defeated. This is where the many DPS of FFXIV enter the scene. The role is simple, it is necessary to inflict maximum damage while respecting the mechanics of the game and without endangering his group.
Choosing DPS job is not easy, but generally speaking we can categorize these jobs into 3 categories: magic,distances and body-to-body.

1. Magic
Heavy stamp of the DPS, the casters are the kings of AoE and big magical damage. Playing mainly at a distance and with casting time, it will be important to position well during the fighting in order not to waste time to move at the wrong time.

Jobs using cloth equipment and, as a respective weapon, a stick, a grimoire and a rapier, the magic DPS are played very differently. The Black Mage opts for heavy damage incantations while the Summoner puts his DoTs (damages over time) and uses his invocations to inflict damage. The Red Mage combines black magic, white magic and melee attack, which is very original and comfortable thanks to its numerous procs.

2. distances
Comfortable and safe, remote DPS can do good damage by staying away and moving. They are also considered as a support job for the large amount of buffs they bring to the group. One uses the bow and the other uses a rifle. The Bard brings more improvements to the DPS while the Machinist is supposed to have a higher DPS (which is not exactly true at the moment). The Machinist uses turrets and the Bard has 3 different songs that he alternates according to the situation.

3. body-to-body
Fast and nervous, CaCs are excellent DPS. Constantly glued to the enemy’s basics, they will provide a great source of damage and may be two in the 8-player raids.

The CaCs have the particularity of not sharing their armor, apart from the Monk and the Samurai. Their respective weapons are the weapons of the pugilate, the spear, the daggers and the katana. Each job has a relatively different gameplay and their own resource.




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Latest Updates On NBA 2K18


The creators have also introduced new methods to bring the game back to the finest details of the professional basketball world.


This year’s 2K basketball series will be back in the fall, in mid-September comes the NBA 2K18. The information has already been doubled, we already know the list of soundtrack, and we have seen pictures of some players. But interestingly, we have not seen the game before. Yesterday, however, the first trailer has arrived, where we can finally see the new game during the move, and Joel Friesch tells them about the developers. According to him, this will be the most beautiful, most complex NBA game ever made. To do this, several new technologies and methods have been deployed so that both players and arenas will most closely resemble reality. The movement and mimicry of the characters as well as the physics of the jerseys were completely reworked. There was not even such a wide selection of picks as this year. Thinking about those who like to make their own players, they will have a more detailed character editor for them.

free download

The video shows that the NBA 2K18 has a truly breathtaking look. There has been no cause for content so far, so you just have to wait for the premier PC on September 15, PlayStation 4 and 3, Xbox One and 360, and Switch. On PS4 and X1 on September 8, The NBA 2K18 Prelude will be released, which will be downloaded for free and the front of the MyCareer game mode.

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The Elder Scrolls Online – DLC Horns of the Reach

come August

Earlier, Horns of the Reach was announced. And now Bethesda has announced the release date for the next DLC. Bethesda expands the already gigantic MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online for PlayStation 4 from August 29th, 2017. At the same time, you are rewarding either 1,500 crowns (in-game currency you can earn for real money) or you are in possession An active ESO Plus membership. Because in the latter the upcoming download content is included.

Horns of the Reach

With the new DLC players get two new dungeons. These are the Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold. Furthermore, new unique item sets and monster masks, Boss Collectibles and titles will be included.

Details about the new dungeons, directly from the developers:

Bloodroot Forge

The Reachmen, who have been fired from hatred and revenge, have discovered where a terrible mystery hides itself: the Bloodroot Forge. This altar of all primitive and untamed gives a terrible power to those who are ready to lead them. Dare to go to the Bloodroot Forge and keep the Reachmen and Minotaurs allied with them before it’s too late.

Falkreath Hold

Falkreath’s defense was broken. The Minotaurs and the Reachmen allied with them are merciless and flow through the fallen walls. Soon Falkreath Hold will fall to her. Collect your closest companions and go. You are the last line of defense.

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Seven Beginners Tips To A Good Start In Albion Online


The new MMORPG “Albion Online” puts you on an island and gives you the absolute freedom, from the farmer or blacksmith to the powerful warrior or magician, to become just about anything you want. So that you do not loose the overview between all the possibilities, we help you in this guide with seven beginners tips to a good start.


1. Understand The Level System

The level system is the backbone of “Albion Online.” Each resource, weapon, skill, and monster occurs in eight different levels (called “Tiers” in the game). The more you progress in the game, the higher the levels you work with – for example, you need an ax of level 3 to make a level 4 tree. From the wood of this tree you can then build a level 4 bow – if your ability as a bow maker has the appropriate level. It is worthwhile to internalize this system: once you understand how the individual stages build on each other, you will be much more determined by the game world.

2. Destiny Board

The so-called Destiny Board is closely connected with the level system and represents the progress of your character. Each time you perform an action in “Albion Online”, you get so-called “Archievements”, which are credited to a certain place on the board: If you build stones, your abilities are increased and you can cultivate higher levels. If you defeat enough enemies at a certain level, while wearing a certain armor or weapon, you can later wear higher-level armor or weapons. If you make a tool, you will be able to use this part of the way to make better tools. You should also study the Destiny Board thoroughly, so that you can understand which skills you improve with which actions. So you can plan your dream character better and realize it more easily.

3. Have A Goal

Apropos dream character: Just because the possibilities in “Albion Online” are so diverse, it is helpful to focus on specific things from the beginning. You want to play a blacksmith, for example, who can make the best armor? Then, from the beginning, gather the resources that are important for you to quickly improve your skills in the smithy. Would you like to play a warrior? Then you should spend more time fighting than gathering. And do not worry, you can retrain at any time, if you do not like your way. If the smiths stinks and you want to plant and sell carrots, you only have to put a bed on and get rid of it! So you do not need to set a target permanently, but you should always have one that you can follow. By the way, the official Character Builder at the “Albion Online” website makes it easier for you to plan your game character and skills in advance. Here you can also get inspiration from other players.

4. Know The Regions And Their Colors

The map of “Albion Online” is divided into regions of different colors whose knowledge is most important in the true sense of the word: the color of the region indicates whether you can be attacked by other players, ie PvP fights (“Player vs. Player “) are possible. At the beginning of the game you should only be in blue regions where you are safe from other players. In yellow regions there are limited PvP, which means that players can mark themselves as “hostile” and then attack each player in the area, but also be attacked by everyone. If you are killed by a player in a yellow zone, you will be up again after a short time. Your armor will only end up in a lifetime and you will lose 30% of your collected resources. In red zones, the PvP is exacerbated: Enemy-marked players can kill you and then steal all your equipment. And in black regions, the mark as “hostile” is completely gone – here everyone is released to the shooting! So plan your journeys through the world of Albion, which is exactly and avoidable areas, so that you do not fall victim to half-way robbery.

5. Use The Marketplace

The economic system in “Albion Online” is completely determined by the players. Every item in the game must be made by anyone – and each resource somehow finds a buyer. So look more often at the market place, which exists in every city, and sell there everything you no longer belly. Even the simplest raw materials like Level 1 stone will get rid of you here – among other things, because many players are a bit lazy at the farms. If your character is good at making a rare item, you can also make real money with the sale of your merchandise. Because each city has its own market square, which is not linked to others, the prices differ from place to place. If you compare and take a bit of Expedition, you can easily increase your winnings.

6. Find A Guild

If you play with others in the team, you have more from “Albion Online”: As a member of a guild, not only is farming, cracking and defeating monsters easier. Also, survival in yellow, red, and black regions is easier to ensure – for example, if a few powerful friendly fighters stand greasy while the woodcutters go to the factory and dismantle high quality materials found only in the PvP zones. Guilds are there in a variety of ways – from the fun-filled fun-filled party with no obligations to a professionally structured organization with daily attendance and constant accessibility of the members via Sprachchat.

7. Save For Premium Status

In “Albion Online” there is – as with many other online games also – a premium status, which benefits your character for a certain period of advantages: You get, for example, additional raw materials at the farms and you can buy your own island. In contrast to many other games, where you have to buy the premium status with real money, you can refresh it in “Albion Online” but also with a game money. This is quite expensive, but the benefits are worth it. So always put a bit of silver back from the beginning!

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A Brief History Of The Elder Scrolls Online

ESO battle

The road that The Elder Scrolls Online has taken has been a rough one. Its attempt to unite fans of Skyrim and MMOs was seen by both parties as, at best, half-assed. The flexible class system and exquisite quests were hampered by rampant technical issues and a narrow storyline that funnelled players from one location to the next instead of giving them freedom to explore. To make things even worse, all of this culminated in an endgame grind that was so tedious it was demoralising.

ESO memory

Things weren’t looking great for TESO, but then ZeniMax Online Studios started making fundamental changes to the game. The subscription model was binned, the endgame was redesigned to add more diverse activities, and One Tamriel was launched. This update scrapped the level restrictions that made Tamriel feel so linear, letting players group with each other, complete quests, and explore regardless of what level they were.

Along with a host of expansions that added unique ideas, like thieving and Dark Brotherhood assassinations, and dungeons that mixed PVP and PVE, The Elder Scrolls Online has become one of the most robust MMOs available. It features a PVP mode similar to Guild Wars 2, a storyline that expands the best parts of The Elder Scrolls’ lore, and the freedom to ignore all of it just to go off and explore. It took a while, but with Morrowind in tow, The Elder Scrolls Online finally feels close to the MMO that Skyrim players had wanted.

Best feature: Like Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls Online increases your skills depending on the equipment you use. So if you want to sport heavy armour while using restorative magic and a bow, The Elder Scrolls Online will happily accommodate you. If you need ESO gold while playing in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, you can buy ESO gold on ESO-GOLD. You can get 2% discount with code “teso” if you buy ESO gold on ESO-GOLD.

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The First Albion Online Launch Patch


The first post-release patch for MMORPG Albion Online was released. Now the castle chests appear twice every Sunday (at the same time on all clusters). Temporarily increased the spawn rates of the appearance of T4-resources in safe zones, as well as T5-resources in the yellow zones.


Expeditions now require one tank, one healer and three DPS (those who do damage). Reputation obtained in PvE, increased by 50%. Now the invulnerability after the cluster change expires only after you moved away from the passage further than 150 meters.

Castle loot reduced by a factor of 3. It is no longer possible to attack players instantly if you dismounting. That is now it is necessary to wait 3 seconds. The cluster change effect is no longer discarded when the cluster is changed (and is removed after two seconds of downtime).

When you exit the ring, the duel now ends after 10 seconds. Players with a reputation for Dreaded can no longer disengage PvP mode. A complete list of changes to the patch for Albion Online can be studied in the official site.

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A New Tool With Multiple Possibilities In Albion Online

new build

We present today a brand new tool allowing the Albion Online Character Builder Look for the best combinations of builds and share yours with the community.

This new feature allows you to compose combinations of equipment with the different elements (boots, helmet, jacket, weapon …) of all levels at your disposal! You can even share your best creations with the community and add detailed explanations written or video.

albion character build 1.fw

With the Character Builder you will have the opportunity to:

  • Create a Solo Builder: You are what you wear, so optimize your unique build of solo equipment that will define your role.
  • Create a Group Builder: Find the best group synergy for 3, 5, 10 or 20 players by combining the solo characters already created.
  • Share Articles: An “Article” tab lets you view and share articles on all topics related to Albion Online, from managing your farm to the best GvG tactics. A good way to enjoy the experience and knowledge of other players.
  • Discover all the creations classified by categories and popularity and vote for your favorite builds.

These various tools are accessible to all to the reading and the sharing but it is necessary to have an access to the game in order to post there his own creations.

Albion Online is available since July 17th on PC. The cross platform on Mobile (iOs / Android) will arrive very soon!

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Buy Items You Want From ESO Crown Crates


The Elder Scrolls Online has been added with a lot of stuff today, some of which can be bought in special cases. With more and more games, you can get some kind of gaming – usually cosmetic items – by opening some sort of chest, and this trend has been catching up with The Elder Scrolls Online. We can buy Crown Crate named after this premium store now.


From these, you can get random, usable and cosmetic stuff, at least four, but up to five, in each case higher in value than the price of each crate. What we do not need is a loot (because we have it or we do not like it), we can switch it to the latest payment tool of The Elder Scrolls Online called the Crown Gems. The content of the boxes will change regularly along a subject and you can find further information on the boxes. ESO-GOLD will add more basic ESO news and tips on an ongoing basis to help you get acquainted with the latest entry in the game.

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How To Use the Target Passing Mechanic In Madden 18


Madden 18 will have arcade, athletic and simulated game styles and offers unique features. If their functions are being described, then each virtual soccer fan should have something.


So it is necessary to learn Madden 18 guides which will help you win more in game. See more Madden 18 guides, please follow, where provide cheap madden mobile coins for sale.

• Close the target pass: Press LT / L2 again to turn off the target passer.

• Moving target: Use LS to move the target. When your target changes, QB will turn to face the target.

• Raise your goal: After shooting, press and hold LT / L2 and your target will be your primary receiver.

• Throw to the receiver: Press the displayed receiver icon button. Use the same throwing mechanics to carry the ball, touch and bullets.

• Target receiver switch: When you press and hold LT / L2, press the receiver button other than the current target receiver and the target will switch to the receiver.

• Neutral Target Pass: If you release LT / L2, it becomes a neutral target pass. This allows you to press the desired receiver button and throw it immediately without having to switch the target and then throw it.

The best part of the developer blog and the new game features are the play style. This is the way every sport game should take, but EA has the opportunity to get rid of this concept. If you want to buy madden mobile coins, or to buy cheap madden NFL 18 coins, welcome to madden-store, it is a reliable madden coins seller.

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Go To Vivec 700 Years Before


Zenimax Online is responsible for returning us to the Vvardenfell region after 15 years from our first landing. The Elder Scrolls Online receives its first major expansion of content.

Little more than 15 years separate us since The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind will land in our homes. So much time behind their back they have done nothing more than extol the legend of which for many is the sum – still – inside the franchise. The truth is that it is not at all farfalle such a statement, because from the following delivery opened a breach of opinion in your community. On the one hand were the always suspicious veterans, who demanded an experience closer to the pure roleo. Instead, the newcomers – motivated by their launch on Xbox 360 – found in Oblivion a work that, for better or worse, became a milestone for those early years of the last generation.

eso battleground

From Bethesda Softworks they know very well the special affection that great part of their followers guard to the localizations of Morrowind. The title starring Dovahkiin already flirted with this type of homage, and in a display of nostalgia for his third and final downloadable content gave us the opportunity to return to the island of Solstheim, located northwest of Vvardenfell. These lands were first visited by the players of The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon; The winks and the reinterpretation of original material were insured. However, there was nothing more than an appetizer of the real desires of those fervent of the original work. The shadow of a remastering has always been present in the pools for the most important events of the sector, but nothing further from reality.

It has been with the online experience of Zenimax Online when we have finally been able to return to the Vvardenfell region. To reach this moment the work has gone through a multitude of stages since its launch in 2014. That move from its universe to a genre as demanding as they are the MMORPG surprised everyone, seeing the movement as a way to offer that possibility Cooperative and competitive game that was so much demanded with Skyrim, but that never finished arriving – nor it needed it. To be governed by subscription quotas that allow access to its content was one of the main obstacles for the mass coming from the trunk deliveries, especially if we take into account that the proportion between the playable material and the progression was not well measured either Of the player.

The Wanderings Of Vivec, 700 Years Before

Since then everything has happened in Tamriel. Various adjustments, a multitude of downloadable contents both free and paid, elimination of quotas as a requirement to play, new ranges that increase the ceiling of the high-end, etc. Among the new features is the famous update One Tamriel, which balances the levels of the worlds and enemies to yours to break all the barriers that existed between a first moment, besides allowing the game between players no matter what level they are. This step forward led to one of the main objectives of the game – allowing to enjoy the experience as if it were a solo play – to reach the goal.

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