FIFA Pro Evo 15 Price Drop Announced

Pro Evo 15 Price Drop announced that a price drop for football simulation, Soccer Sim is now $20 on PC and last generation, $40 on current systems.

price drop

The prices will remain different on each, but both are cheaper than before. Pro Evo 15 will now be $39.99 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and just $19.99 on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

It’s a big move given that the European football season is in the crucial home stretch right now, and the MLS is just beginning again–this is not an offseason shift to sell copies in the lull. On the contrary, it perhaps is looking to capitalize on the height of footballing excitement, and undercut rival EA’s FIFA 15 juggernaut.

The title is a good alternative to FIFA, and in the opinions of some offers a better on-field depiction of the sport with more realistic play. FIFA is miles ahead in terms of presentation and licensing though, which makes it difficult for many to make the jump, even if the gameplay is arguably less realistic.

As you know, there are no two fully-priced football sims could be justified, if you want to try Pro Evo. Of course, you will fell less guilty if you jump in now. Although I am so happy to EA do something for FIFA like this, reduce the price is unnecessary to genre-leading title. Unfortunately, you have to wait a long time, after the season over for some cut-price FIFA action and FIFA 16 is rolling around.

Let’s Look at the FIFA Players Worth Rankings

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Recently Goal has done a survey on net worth top twenty football players. Real Madrid’s top player C Ronaldo ranked first with a net worth of 210 million euros. Barcelona Diego Lionel Messi ranked in second place with 200 million euros. Neymar, Ibrahimovic and Rooney are in the top five finalists.

In September 2013, C Ronaldo signed a new contract with Real Madrid with annual salary of 18.2 million euros. He also had a lot of money to get a number of titles bonus in 2014. C Ronaldo also speak a number of brands, including Toyota, Castrol, Samsung, Armani, KFC, etc., with a total of 25 million euros. The most profitable is that he signed with Nike CR7 clothing contracts. In addition, C Ronaldo also conducted a number of investments Country Portugal, more than 30 million euros gains.

Messi has the world’s football highest paid pretax contract, which rise with the success of the Barcelona club. His endorsement is also rewarding, including Adidas, Samsung, pleasure, Gillette, Dolce & Gabbana, Head & Shoulders and other brands. Besides Messi actively join the business, he also achieved a lot of money from a number of real estate investment in return.

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