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Guild Wars community is considered to be pretty hardcore (opinions vary) – to read and re-read every single made on blog and on the Guild Wars 2 website to discuss and then dissect it to bits until we have a pretty good grasp of all the mentioned concepts. But a lot of people are new to Guild Wars 2 and have a hard time understanding some of the concepts being (re)introduced in Guild Wars 2. An often asked question for example is: how can there be no quests in an MMORPG? Are dynamic events another name used in place of quests for marketing purposes? Are they similar to dynamic rifts? After resisting the temptation for a while I have finally decided to try to explain a few of the differences between Guild Wars 2 dynamic events system and the traditional MMORPG quests.

The explanation should help in clearing up the confusion about how similar/different they are from the public quest system. With the quest system, you have a specific quest chain that you need to follow. When you go to a quest hub for the first time, 1-3 NPCs may have one or more quest each for you. When you are done with these quests, each of the NPCs may give the next quest on their quest chain. You have to follow this order, there is often no way to do them out of the order or skip a few quests from the middle of the quest chains. Many times, you need to finish one or more quest chains to be able to accept quests at the next hub. It is common for players to take help of wikis, guides and add-ons to help them keep track of what quests they need to complete to get to the next hub.

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