PoE – New Content Based On The Hunt For The Bestiary League Beasts

The creators of the popular network hack’n’slash Path of Exile announced that in just two weeks the Bestiary add-on will be available, offering a huge amount of new content, based on the hunt for the Bestiary League beasts.

Path of Exile is a unique game in several respects. Despite the free-to-play model, the production enjoys an uninterrupted interest of millions of players, micro-transactions seem to be less intrusive in it than in some games, for which the publisher tells us to pay large sums of money already in the store, and continuous support of creators through sharing free , extensive additions and packages of content makes PoE still maintain high quality, for which it has been awarded many times. It turns out that the update 3.2.0 in two weeks will bring even the most seasoned fans of this hack’n’slash hours of satisfying gameplay.

The developers promise that the upgrade called Bestiary will be larger than most previous content packages. Patch will introduce new items, jewels and even more activities available after finishing the game. The main point of the program is, however, to be the Bestiary League – a league in which, as is not difficult to guess by name, our goal will be to hunt for monsters. In conclusion, after the number of creatures, hunting will be plentiful – the Grinding Gear Games studio has prepared as many as 290 beasts in this mode, including 40 legendary beasts, which along with the progress we will “unhide” in the bestiary.

The creators also prepared the Bestiary trailer, presenting the most important features and the outline of the supplement. You can watch the movie below:

Not to rely solely on the laconic description of the 3.2.0 update available on the official website of the game, the Gamepedia portal was tempted to conduct an interview with Chris Wilson – the main designer of the Path of Exile. People who are more interested in the topic are referred to the full material (in English), while below we provide the most important information provided to players by Wilson:

  • The essence of hunting will be the weakening of “beasts” and then catching her in the net. If the whole operation succeeds, the caught beasts will go to the player’s menagerie, where you can invite your friends.
  • In addition to collecting items, you can also sacrifice them on the Blood Altar to create new items and improve your inventory. Numerous regulations are to allow the creation of really powerful pieces of equipment.
  • Equipment kits that can be made thanks to the elements obtained from defeated beasts are to be so different that each player will have to find a combination of equipment appropriate for their character and style of play.
  • In story mode, the creators prepared an attraction for the best of the best – this time the players will be fighting with two already known bosses – the Elder and the Shaper – in one fight. Apparently, so far no one from the Grinding Gear studio has been able to cope with this challenge.
  • 29 new rare items will be introduced to the game, which will require effort and consideration when getting and using them properly.
  • Three new gems will be available.
  • All Ascendancy classes will be refreshed. These rarely used will be slightly strengthened to encourage players, additionally, the creators are to focus on their greater diversity – so that the diversity resulting from the unique skills of individual classes is more noticeable.

As you can see, the creators of the Grinding Gear studio do not rest on their laurels. Let’s remind that quite recently, because at the beginning of December, we received the extension War for the Atlas, while the Fall of Oriath released in August met with an extremely enthusiastic reception (here you can read our review of this supplement). In addition to the aforementioned changes, the developer announces a lot of minor improvements, including improving production efficiency. To the fans of the Path of Exile, we have to wait for the new content to be available. The release of update 3.2.0 is scheduled for March 2. U4GM.com as one of the most professional online store which glad to share more Path of Exile News and cheap PoE items for sale with instant delivery.

A Recent Elder Scrolls Online Update Added More New Quests

The Elder Scrolls Online takes place in one connected world where you can stay up to date with everything your friends are doing. A recent Elder Scrolls Online update added new quests, skeleton dragons, and a new outfit system to better customize your character. The Dragon Bones add-on introduces two new dungeons to the game. The other dungeon that The Elder Scrolls Online players will soon be able to explore is named Scalecaller Peak.

The Dragon Bones downloadable content pack is going to add several new features to The Elder Scrolls Online. Exploration is expected to be more seamless inside Fang Lair as developers have done away with mid-dungeon load screens. Upon entering Scalecaller Peak, it will likely not take explorers long before they notice the eerie and unnatural glow that illuminates the dungeon’s halls. We are both reliable and professional seller, you will be able to buy cheap eso gold from ours online store.

The Elder Scrolls Online players can look forward to more DLC packs being released later this year. The Elder Scrolls Online, also known as The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that was announced in May 2012. For players who already own The Elder Scrolls Online, adventure awaits in this new chapter of the award-winning online series.

The Elder Scrolls Online is renowned for open world PvP battles, pitting hundreds of players in a massive battle for supremacy in Cyrodiil. Players will harness nature-based magic to master the powerful new character class – The Warden. The Warden also introduces a devastating new combat ally – the War Bear – a ferocious fighter will stay by the Warden’s side through the most intense battles. More useful information about the game, gameplay videos, user reviews, see more at here.

My Wish About PoE Ranged Attack Totems

In Path of Exile, I know the Heiro buffs are going to benefit RATs, but I just wish that one day they’ll actually get some attention and buffs that aren’t just feeding off the scraps of Spell totems. Even if it was a unique similar to Soul Mantle that has inate Ranged totem support, but on a Dex base so that we can actually use a 6L would be nice at least.

Other collectors of path of exile items have different opinions, let’s see:

Path of Exile

1. We can’t have every skill on a high powerlevel, it’s just not feasible to balance it like that. On the contrary, some people really like these niche builds that can, with enough investment and a good tree, tackle the endgame content just like all the powerful builds can. I don’t think Ranged Attack Totems needs an overhaul.

2. I’d be happier if the Ranged Attack Totem wasn’t the innate gem, so that you could apply an mtx to the totem. Something like an innate Faster Attacks or something would be nice. Or even just “Supported Projectile Skills Fork +1 Times” without the Fork Support damage loss.

3. The totem nodes are decent, but they are also no required, unlike spells, RAT and AW have weapon nodes, which are some of the most plentiful nodes on the tree, if anything I’d be mad that ancestral bond isn’t close to scion, its way the fuck out of the way for rangers making RAT rangers not really doable since if you wanna go double totem you need to path crazy far, another unique that adds AB as a benefit would be pretty nice.

4. RAT KB was really damn good last league though I think that’s more because of how ridiculous KB is rather than the viability of RAT itself. I think part of the problem is that the totems get a less attack speed modifier which gives them a sort of “wind up” time and really messes with your clear speed. This combined with totems not having much health makes the gem awkward at best.

5. Spell totem is – 35% damage and – 30% cast speed at level 1, 26/30 at level 20. RAT is 35/30 at 1, and 26/30 at level 20. They are carbon copies of one another. All soul mantle does is let you get a 7link, but you still take huge penalties for being a totem build that inst an innate totem skill like say flame totem or AW.

Finally, bear in mind that keeping an eye on poe currency buy, you will get more gains.

Do You Want To Add Some Minor Features To PoE Map Tab

I really like Path of Exile, and I think that Map Tab is great, but if GGG can add the following minor added features, it will be better. And I always think it’s important for the player to have enough poe currency.

You know how when you click the Tier Box with the Roman numeral, and then there are 14 grey square boxes and the first few are indicated with the different maps from the tier? If you don’t have the map, it is shown greyed out but if you do, it is shown with the number of pieces you have of that map.

Path of Exile

Anyway, when you select the map indicator box, there’s a golden square border, to indicate selection. My suggestion is, for maps completed on the atlas of your character, the border should be another colour, and for those completed with bonus objective should have yet a different coloured border. This coloured border system should also apply to greyed out indicator boxes (meaning maps you don’t have but completed on the atlas).

In short, 3 different borders to correspond to the Atlas (Uncompleted, Completed, Completed with Bonus). Information at a glance, especially when you are stocking up on maps before doing them. Also, you know how there’s a tiny digit on the top-left of the box to show the number of maps you have of that type? Add a tiny pantheon symbol on the top-right for maps with pantheon souls. A blue symbol for “yet to be captured” and perhaps it turns into a yellow symbol when the soul has been captured.

I would also prefer if you mouseover the indicator map box and it provides information like when you mouseover the map nodes in the Atlas. Some players would like a better search feature so they can home in on things more specific than the name of the map, such as highlighting a tab if it has maps with certain keywords, like “corrupted”, “zana’s”, or “two” (for twinned maps), I think this is a good suggestion.

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FFXIV: Players Will Be Able To Depart From The Shores Of Eorzea

In Final Fantasy XIV, the game lets you level all jobs on the same character and switch back and forth whenever you want. Most of players thinks of this as a Final Fantasy game rather than a typical MMO. The story is quite enjoyable, and you will be missing a ton if you just skip through quest text. Final Fantasy XIV is one of the new few MMOs where the story is pretty good. It has its high moments and really low moments. Pleasingly, you are excited to obtain more Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

Final Fantasy XIV

When you join Final Fantasy XIV, or if you have taken a break for a substantial period of time, you will be invited to here to know more: https://www.ffxiv4gil.com/. In the game, as you continue with the Stormblood tale, you will face a mandatory dungeon at level 61: The Sirensong Sea. This is the time to learn about dungeon running and pay a visit to the Hall of the Novice, if you have never done it before.

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most welcoming MMO’s I’ve played, and provides content for all levels of player to enjoy. The most important thing now is to enjoy your time in Eorzea and Stormblood’s Far East- take your time, find what path suits you best and dig in. Players will be able to depart from the shores of Eorzea for the very first time, travelling to the Far Eastern lands of Doma and Kugane as they fight to liberate those lands oppressed by the Empire.

Notably, there’s plenty of content to explore which means you will be needing Final Fantasy XIV Gil aplenty both during and after your play through the expansion. This is something I have been struggling with for some time now with regard to Square Enix’s wonderful MMO Final Fantasy XIV. You can plan now and be ready when Stormblood launches and demand is at its peak. Do you plan on visiting FFXIV4Gil? There are a wealth of news and updates at here, click here to know more.

Five Years Since Path Of Exile Debut

Path of Exile was released on October 23, 2013 and certainly a lot has changed since then. However, I was not allowed to experience it, because I started my adventure with the game a few months ago from the beta version on Xbox One, to move to a computer version after it. In total, I spent several dozen hours with the diablopodobnym work of the Grinding Gear Games studio, and discovering it four years after the premiere turned out to be a real pleasure.


The first thing that surely is associated with the Path of Exile (even those who did not play it) is a skill tree. Skills at least from the name, because in fact all these branches offer the possibility of unlocking various perks, which will increase the damage inflicted on a particular type of weapon, allow faster recovery of health or develop some statistic of the character. You can read about the abilities themselves, because they have a separate paragraph, but returning to the skill tree (let us stay at this date), it must be said that it is HUGE, because it consists of more than 1,300 elements.

Depending on the chosen character class, our hero begins his adventure on a tree in a different place, but the Path of Exile does not limit the inventiveness of the player in any way, which in fact makes the initial decision only affect the starting statistics and available equipment, which very quickly it can be changed. This approach to the subject, in turn, means that in a relatively short time we can give up being a powerful warrior in favor of the magician, and – of course – combine these two classes into one, completely new. If you think that this is the end of combining, then you are wrong.

During the game, we collect or buy jewels which we will place in slots located in particular elements of equipment (helmet, armor, weapons, etc.). Each of the gems has a specific color, just like the slot in which we can place it, which means that not everything fits everywhere, and in turn forces – and how – to combine. Especially that these gems really come in handy. Not only will they allow you to unlock individual skills so that we can deal more damage, and we can even convert physical damage to elemental damage. Gemy also allow you to unlock additional attacks for our hero, which we will activate with a previously defined button on the keyboard or mouse. As you can see, the gems are really powerful, because they increase even the number of health points and mana (and even accelerate their regeneration), cause that we can block the enemy for a limited time or… And besides, there is so much that mentioning the next examples are evidently misguided.

Path of Exile is naturally a MMO game, but quite unusual, because in essence we have a campaign divided into 10 acts, the completion of which is fun for about 40 hours, and after them we can still chop monsters and collect even better equipment due to the extended endgame based on maps, to which we gain access during the game and unlock with a special device. We can do all this solo. Really, but of course it is much better and nicer to beat enemies among friends or even in the company of random players who willingly share their knowledge (at least when I was connected to another user, I received a lot of valuable tips from him).

Without a doubt, the Path of Exile enchanted me with the climate as well. This is extremely dark and even when exploring the forests, where the sun breaks through the trees, you can feel the amazing atmosphere here. Not to mention the dungeons filled with numerous traps, where the field of vision is limited to two steps forward, and the path is often illuminated only by spells cast by hordes of enemies. In the work of the Grinding Gear Games studio, it’s in vain to look for colorful graphics, even if we see any colors on the screen, they are still suitably toned down, so the atmosphere in the game is really dense. And that’s great because it connects very well with another aspect of the game.

Path of Exile is undoubtedly a game about building appropriate builds of characters. If we invest badly points scored on the skill tree, with time it may turn out that we have a tedious grind, because the regeneration of life is not at the right level, and opponents attacking the elemental power quickly kill our hero due to lack of resistance to this type of damage. This means that in the first pass of the game, when we are groping, you can easily get lost here, because the enormity of the ability to unlock and the number of games can really overwhelm you. But it does not change the fact that even if in the middle of the campaign we realize that we have done something wrong, we will want to fix it instead of throwing the game at the corner, because the fun of overcoming the creatures, even if it is only grinding, is indescribable here. For more Path of Exile tips and tricks, stay tuned to U4GM. You can choose www.u4gm.com where you can buy PoE items cheap.

So complex, interesting, atmospheric and giving so many amazing possibilities, the game certainly costs a lot, right? Not necessarily. Path of Exile hit the hack’n’slash market not only because of the greatly designed gameplay. Players appreciated the production also because it is available for free. FOR FREE. Of course, many games using the free-to-play business model over time turns into pay-to-win and we can download them for free, but after a dozen or so hours it turns out that without reaching the wallet we will not make further progress or we will have to spend in virtual many hours to get the items you want. Here it is not. Digital transactions available from the menu allow only the purchase of cosmetic additives. None of them gives an advantage during the fight and this state of affairs (as I managed to learn from the web) has not changed from the very beginning and everything looks like it will remain so.

7 Tips Of PoE Railway Bow Utility And Buffs

When I was a novice gamer in Path of Exile, I was curious about everything about this game. I often worry about not finding the right guide. The following guide is about Utility And Buffs in Path of Exile, I hope it will be helpful to you. And bear in mind that having enough path of exile currency is always important for a player.

Path of Exile

1. Cast When Damage Taken (level 1) + Blood Rage (level 7) + Enfeeble (level 5)

Blood Rage is extremely good buff which increases your attack speed, life leech, and grants chance to gain frenzy charge on a kill. As a downside it degenerates 4% of your life while active, thankfully this is mitigated by the amount and speed of life leech this build has. The duration of Blood Rage is refreshed whenever you kill something.

Enfeeble is a defensive Curse which decreases enemies Accuracy, Crit chance, and Crit multi. Cast When Damage Taken casts both Blood Rage and Enfeeble whenever our character receives enough damage. The best tactic is to keep CWDT at level 1, this way it’ll proc on basically every hit, cursing enemies and buffing us.

2. Lightning Golem
Selfcast, distract some enemies and grants increased attack speed for his master.

3. Decoy totem
This is one of the best things in the game! Decoy totem will taunt enemies, best use on bosses. Place it by the wall, boss will attack the totem while you can nail him to the wall Beware: Shaper is immune to taunt.

4. Hatred
Hatred is straight damage boost. Adds 36% of the Physical damage as Cold damage.

5. Herald of ice + Curse on hit + Assassin mark
Herald of Ice adds flat Cold damage to attacks and if you kill a Frozen enemy it will shatter and deal massive Cold damage to surrounding mobs. This shattering mechanic works wonders with Curse on Hit + Assassin mark cursing mobs around. Assassin mark grants extra Crit chance + grants Power charge on kill. This mechanic works only on packs of monsters. Bosses will be cursed only with Enfeeble.

6. Arctic Armor if you are wearing Perfect Form chest
One of the best defensive auras. Grants 8-13% Fire and Physical mitigation while stationary (when attack with Barrage for example). Drops chilling ground while moving which reduces monsters acting speed by 30%. And also chill monsters after they hit you.

7. Blink arrow + Faster attacks
Very nice movement skill, you can teleport yourself whenever you like if there are open space and no obstacles on your way. With Faster attacks, you’ll teleport in shorter time.